Huxley 50th Anniversary Banner

Image of Huxley 50th Anniversary Banner

Our banner includes the names of over 7,800 graduates of Huxley College of the Environment since it was founded in 1970. It also includes graduates of degrees like geography and urban planning that existed before the college, but became part of the Huxley.

The western red cedar is an iconic symbol of the Salish Sea bio-region, and the emblem of Huxley College of the Environment. It is profoundly important to coastal aboriginal people, and an essential component of the coastal temperate rainforest ecosystem. It has been a long-standing tradition for Huxley College graduates to receive a seedling as part of the Huxley Graduation Celebration.

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Please note, the banner is organized in reverse chronological order by year. Within each year, the names appear after the year heading, in alphabetical order by first name. If someone received two degrees in the same year, their name only appears once. If they received degrees in different years, there name appears each year they received a degree. We used the surname that the student had when they graduated, except in cases where individuals changed their names with Western Washington University.

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