Spring Quarter

Spring Quarter

Commissioner Franz On Washington Environmental Policy and Community Resilience

Archived video of the Zoom Webinar

Commissioner Franz will address the environmental challenges facing the state – from wildfire to climate change to salmon habitat – and how addressing those challenges can create new opportunities for rural jobs and stronger communities.


Reconstructing Past Climate Using Tree-Ring Data from Ancient Bristlecone Pine

(Archived video of this webinar presentation.)

The annual growth rings from ancient Bristlecone Pine contain valuable information about climate variability extending back thousands of years. These proxies for variation in temperature and precipitation allow us to reconstruct past climates in a way that helps us understand the dynamics of the climate system and puts modern climate change into a long-term context. 

Creating a Carbon Conservation Trust Movement

Carbon Market graphic from Land Trust Alliance, 2020

Archived video of this presentation.

Tahoma’s Biggest Stories

(Archived video of this presentation).

Did you know that Native Americans have traveled to Mount Rainier (Mount Tahoma) for over 9,000 years to gather resources unavailable near their lowland villages?

Did you know that the effects of climate change extend far beyond the mountain’s retreating glaciers?

Seabed Mining: A Threat to Washington's Waters, and our Successful Campaign to Ban this Practice

Seabed Mining graphic from Pew Charitable Trusts

(Archived video of this presentation.)

Seabed mining (SBM) is a damaging extractive industry and growing threat to our global oceans as well as our own coast. Washington's state waters contain known mineral deposits that could become a target for industrial extraction. Given the present reality of rising ocean temperatures and acidification, our coastal ecosystems and communities do not need another threat. 

What is this Slime in My Water? WWU's Institute for Watershed Studies

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All remaining Huxley Speaker events this Spring will begin at 4:30 pm < < <

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