Applying to Huxley

Admission Criteria

Application to Huxley College is selective and based upon preparation and prior academic performance. Students must first apply to and be accepted by Western Washington University (WWU). However, acceptance to WWU does not insure admittance to any Huxley majors. Application forms for WWU and Huxley College are available through either the WWU Admissions Office or Huxley College. Transfer students should contact the Undergraduate Admissions Advisor before application to WWU or Huxley College.

Undergraduate Application

Students can declare as an Environmental Studies pre-major or as an Environmental Sciences pre-major at any time.

Admission to Huxley College and its majors is based on the following criteria:

  1. Completion of required preparatory course work,
  2. Academic performance (GPA), and
  3. A brief essay in response to a given question.

Standards for admission are competitive and fluctuate from quarter to quarter, depending on the number of applicants and students graduating.

There are separate applications for environmental science, environmental studies major, and all other environmental studies department degrees.


  • Click for Environmental Studies Department Application, for majors including geography, environmental policy and environmental education, and the combined degrees of environmental journalism and environmental economics.  



For applications to the Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Major, please review the following informational materials for further guidance:

Applications Deadlines

  • April 18 by 5:00pm for admission summer and fall quarter
  • October 6 by 5:00pm for admission winter quarter
  • January 15 by 5:00pm  for admission spring quarter

Note: If the application date is during a weekend, applications will be due the following Monday.

All applications are due by 5:00pm on each of the dates above.

In some cases, admission will be provisional, pending completion of current course work. Applications should include a list of courses, if any, in which the student is enrolled during the current academic period (quarter or semester). A transcript with grades for those currently-enrolled courses must be received by Huxley College in order for the student to be officially admitted.

Students should declare a major on their application. Students may be excluded from consideration if they have not completed sufficient preparatory course work or have not completed an application by the deadline date.

Transfer Students

Transfer applicants are encouraged to apply since Huxley's curriculum is mainly an upper-division program. The first step for a transfer student is application and admission to Western Washington University. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all prerequisites prior to transfer to Western Washington University.

Three students investigate tide pools on a rocky shore

Transfer applicants are evaluated by Western's Office of Admissions for transfer credit and for credit toward completion of the General University Requirements (GURs).

Students who have earned approved Associate's degrees (NOT the Associates of Science or a Technical degree) from community colleges in Washington State are considered to have satisfied the General University Requirements; prospective transfers should consult with community college advisors on which degrees are accepted under this agreement. However, students holding Associate's degrees from community colleges with which WWU has no formal agreement must complete Western Washington University's General University Requirements.

Students holding a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited university or college who are working toward a second Bachelor's degree will be considered as transfers who have completed the GURs.

Additional Information

For further information, questions or Application Form, please contact:

Kathryn Patrick, Undergraduate Admissions Advisor
Huxley College of Environmental Studies
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225-9079
(360) 650-3520

Questions about applying to Western Washington University?

Western Washington University Office of Admissions
(360) 650-3440