December 2016

Huxley College's Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Program Awarded National Accreditation

Western has been granted national accreditation for its BA program in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development. The accreditation of undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States is granted by the Planning Accreditation Board in association with the American Planning Association, the American Institute of Certified Planners, and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. The granting of accreditation followed a three-year review effort involving the demonstration of compliance with 57 standards and criteria. Western now joins only fifteen other accredited undergraduate planning programs in the United States, and is the second accredited undergraduate planning program in Washington State.

Western has a long tradition in training students in the professional field of urban planning. Huxley College’s BA Degree Program in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, and its predecessor BA programs in environmental planning and urban and regional planning, have continuously operated at... Continue reading