Huxley Speaker Series 12/7/17: Chris James: After Paris Withdrawal By US, Will China Lead?

Chris James, Regulatory Assistance Project

After Paris Withdrawal by US, Will China Lead?
What Does This Mean for Actions by US States and Other Subnational Jurisdictions?


With the United States having announced its intent to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, what does this mean for China and its role to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? And, what might this portend for... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 1/18/18: Sandy Lawrence: A Sea of Change

A Sea Change: Overpopulation, King Tides, Storm Surges, Acidification, Deoxygenation, Coral Bleaching, Plastic Accumulation and Overfishing just sound daunting.  Solutions actually exist for all of these problems except Milutin Milankovich and his stubborn orbital mechanics.

Sandy W. Lawrence is a retired physician with a... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 11/30/17: Kelly McAllister: WSDOT and Stewardship of Natural Resources

Kelly McAllister

WSDOT: Balancing Washington’s Transportation Needs with Stewardship of Natural Resources


Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has seen steady change in the demands on the state's transportation infrastructure and, significantly, Washington citizens expect the agency to show good stewardship of natural resources.... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 11/16/17: Alan McConchie: Open Source Cartography

Alan McConchie

Open Source Cartography: Blending Data and Design for the Next Generation of Online Maps

Stamen Design has spent the last sixteen years pushing the limits of what is possible with online cartography, creating innovative maps and visualizations to tell our clients' spatial stories. Using open source tools has made this possible, giving them an... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 11/9/17: Grace Wang: What Influences Public Land Managers?

What Influences Public Land Managers? An Analysis of BLM Decision Makers. 
Grace Wang, PhD, Huxley College of the Environment 
This talk will outline the factors that Bureau of Land Management (BLM) managers utilize in their decision-making.  Interviewing 25 managers at the state and district level, and transcribing over 30 hours of data, Grace Wang's and former BLM deputy director Geoff Middaugh developed a model that identified six factors: science, democratic authority, legal authoritypublic interest, special interest and... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 11/2/17: Sarah Myhre: Women, Science, and the Trump Administration

Sarah E. Myhre, Ph.D.

One Year of Activism and Resistance: Women, Science, and the Trump Administration


As we near the year anniversary of the election of Donald Trump, it is appropriate to remark on the paradigm shift that has occurred in activism and public scholarship for many women in science. My scientific community of women colleagues has radically changed, reorganized by... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 10/26/17: Anton Thomas: Drawing a Continent by Hand

Drawing a Continent by Hand

Three years ago, Anton Thomas picked up a set of color pencils and began drawing North America. State by state, city by city, he wished to pay tribute to a spectacular continent by way of pictorial map. Without a sense of how long it would take, he stumbled into a mammoth project: The North American Continent. In this seminar Anton will have a full sized print on... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 10/19/17: Eric Munscher: Turtle Survival: The Plight of the World’s Turtle Species


Turtle Survival: The Plight of the World’s Turtle Species. What has happened? What is happening? What is being done about it?

Eric C. Munscher is currently a Research Ecologist with SWCA Environmental Consultants (SWCA) and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He obtained his B.Sc from Penn State University and an M.Sc from the University of North Florida in 2007. ... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 10/12/17: David Henry: A Hitchhikers Guide to Marine Conservation Jobs

Tips for following your environmental passion to a lifetime of adventure and meaningful work. Get a glimpse of employers, salaries and conservation efforts from the Pacific Ocean, to the Arctic Ocean to the Puget Sound.


David Henry, Marine Educator and Conservationist, is the international manager for the Oceans North science and community-based conservation campaigns in the Arctic Ocean funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts.... Read more

Huxley Speaker Series 10/5/17: Larry & Ellie Kinley: Salish Sea Speakers

Larry Chexanexwh and Ellie (Solomon) Tah Mahs Kinley are Lummi Nation tribal members, life-long fishers, and community leaders. Both Larry and Ellie come from a long line of fishers and tribal leaders, and are deeply rooted in the waters of the Salish Sea. As fishers, they are dedicated to exercising their sovereign rights and practicing their traditional ways of life. Larry and Ellie, together with their two sons, Kyle and Luke, are the co-owners of the reef-net boat, Spirit of Sxwo’le and the purse seiner, The Salish Sea.

In their talk, they will reflect on the many changes of the Salish Sea over time, and the importance of inter-generational transfer of knowledge. In addition, they will discuss their role in revitalizing tribal reef-net fishing and the contemporary issues... Read more