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Energy, Economics and Electoral Politics

(Archived video recording of this presentation)

There are no shortage of policy proposals and carefully constructed models to transform our energy system in response to the climate crisis. The problem has been turning these policies into law, even when the American public has been supportive of environmental protection. Sharon Shewmake talks about what she has learned working on policy in academia and what are the challenges faced in Olympia.

Placemaking and Climate Change Migration

Climate change forced displacement and resettlement is becoming a pressing topic as the impacts of sea level rise, drought, and severe tropical storms increasingly impact communities’ livelihoods. As communities and entire nations are forced to resettle, how will basic social and cultural structures be maintained? The transportation of resilient socio- cultural patterns becomes essential for maintaining the health and well-being of a community.

Studying the Natural Environment and Emerging Contaminants One Nanoparticle at a Time

Despite their small size, nanoparticles are responsible for several environmental processes ranging from the biogeochemical cycling of elements to the transport of toxicants such as heavy metals and radionuclides. The advent of engineered nanotechnology in the recent years necessitated the development of sensitive and selective analytical tools and techniques capable of exploring the nanoscale.


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