Reconstructing Past Climate Using Tree-Ring Data from Ancient Bristlecone Pine

Archived video of this talk.

The annual growth rings from ancient Bristlecone Pine contain valuable information about climate variability extending back thousands of years. These proxies for variation in temperature and precipitation allow us to reconstruct past climates in a way that helps us understand the dynamics of the climate system and puts modern climate change into a long-term context. 

The Salish Sea Map: How Cartography Contributed to the Adoption of the Name Salish Sea

The Salish Sea & Surrounding Basin - Stefan Freelan, 2009

Archived video recording of this talk.

Cartographer and geographer Stefan Freelan will discuss the process of the “Salish Sea” becoming recognized as an official name and the role that his map, The Salish Sea and Surrounding Basin, played in this process. 


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