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Capstone Courses

Huxley College Capstone Courses

2019-20 Capstone List

  • ENVS 410 Agroecology (4) Spring
  • ENVS 430 Borderlands (4) Winter
  • ENVS 417 Science and Management of Contaminated Sites (3) Spring
  • ENVS 474 Planning for Sustainable Communities (4)  Spring
  • ENVS 493 Environmental Impact Assessment (5) (WP3) Fall, Spring
  • ESCI 454 Science and Management of Contaminated Sites (4) Spring
  • ESCI 490 Environmental Risk Assessment (4) (WP3) Spring
  • ESCI 491 Oceanography of Puget Sound (4) Spring
  • ESCI 493 Environmental Impact Assessment (5) (WP3) Winter
  • ESCI 494 Marine Conservation (4) (WP2) Winter

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Capstone Goals

  • To provide a real world problem identification and solution driven experience.
  • To provide an opportunity to work collaboratively in small groups with other students.
  • To provide an opportunity to work with students from different disciplines, reflecting the reality of the work world.
  • To integrate skills and knowledge gained from previous courses and experiences.
  • To practice the full complement of communication skills, including written reports and platform presentations.

Capstone Course Methods

  • Capstone courses should use the methods of experiential learning.
  • Students work in small groups and participate in the organizational and decision-making process required to accomplish tasks requiring a variety of expertise.
  • The learning processes should include reflection and evaluation.
  • Written and oral presentation of results to audiences outside the classroom.

Capstone Course Content

  • Tied to real-world problems
  • Current topics and problems
  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary