College Awards

A student receiving an awardCollege Awards

Each year, Huxley College students receive awards--college awards, national awards, competitive scholarships, and other forms of academic recognition--that celebrate both their potential and their accomplishments. College faculty and staff also receive awards, both at the university and beyond, as do distinguished college alumni. This page allows us to brag a little about our amazing community members. So here goes...

Annual College & Department Awards

Each spring, Huxley College celebrates commencement with a ceremony of our own. For an hour and a half on the afternoon of commencement, the Huxley College community gathers to recognize the students who are about to leave WWU for a new start. Part of the ceremony involves conferring college and department-level awards. Below you'll find a description of the awards as well as a list of last year's award winners.

Debnath Mookherjee Excellence in Teaching Award 

The Debnath Mookherjee Excellence in Teaching Award is an endowed Huxley College award established by the former students and colleagues of Professor Mookherjee upon his retirement in 2014 after more than fifty years at Western. The award is given each year to the Huxley College faculty member who best exemplifies the excellence in teaching demonstrated by Dr. Mookherjee throughout his career. Last year's winner (the award's inaugural recipient) was Peter Homann, Environmental Sciences.

Professor Ming-Ho Yu Environmental Toxicology Award

The Ming-Ho Yu Environmental Toxicology award is given to the graduating toxicology student who has demonstrated the greatest achievement in the toxicology classes and has potential to continue contributing to the field. 

Presidential Scholar Award

The Presidential Scholar Award is a highly prestigious university award presented to one student from each academic college within the university. Recipients have achieved outstanding scholarly accomplishments, success furthering multicultural activities, and have served their peers, departments, or community during their years as a Western student. Last year's winner was Sadie Normoyle, Environmental Studies.

Outstanding Senior, Huxley College on the Peninsulas

The Huxley College on the Peninsulas Outstanding Senior award is given to one student in the off-campus program determined by the faculty of Huxley College on the Peninsulas. Last year's winner was Fawn Harris, Environmental Sciences.

Outstanding Seniors, Main Campus

The Western Washington University Outstanding Senior award is a university award given to one student from each department based on criteria set by departmental faculty. Winners from departments across the university are honored each spring at an awards ceremony. Last year's winners were Victoria Monreal, Environmental Sciences, and Sydney Schlotterback, Environmental Studies.

Outstanding Environmental Applications Experience Award

The Outstanding Environmental Applications Experience Award is a Huxley College award given to one student in each department for excellence in planning, implementing, and reporting their thesis, senior project, or internship. Last year's winners were Anna Nakae, Environmental Sciences, and Kandyce Napolean, Environmental Studies.

Community Service Award

The Community Service Award is a Huxley College honor for one student in each department who has proven scholastic achievement and service to Huxley, Western, and the community. Last year's winners were Jaclyn Zatta, Environmental Sciences, and Breanne Bartok, Environmental Studies.

National Council for Geographic Education Award

The NCGE/AAG Excellence of Scholarship Award recognizes graduating seniors majoring in geography for outstanding academic achievement. Award winners are chosen by individual geography departments. Last year's winners were Della Mueller, Environmental Studies, and Alyssa MacDonald, Environmental Studies.