Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Huxley


For questions on student support services or ways to get involved, contact Shalini Singh.

DEI Projects & Progress Over the Years

Huxley College Diversity & Community Affairs Committee (aka HDCA) - Meeting Minutes/Notes

College-Level Timeline

(See ENVS timeline here)

(From newest to oldest. Will be continually updated.)


In Progress:

  • Updating visibility/accessibility of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI, aka EID) work and resources on the Huxley College (HC) website
  • Setting up a textbook lending library for core/required Huxley courses
  • Developing metrics for assessing DEI progress and resource allocation
  • Curriculum mapping to audit current integration of DEI content in Huxley courses
  • Recruitment scholarships for underrepresented, incoming students
  • Securing a room to serve as a dedicated student space*
  • Supporting the new Environmental Student Union (ESU), an AS club meant to facilitate programming and functions, centered through the student space, around issues of the environment and/or of HC*
  • Supporting the development/approval of a new core Huxley course around DEI and the environment 
*projects spearheaded by Huxley alum Dario Castellon
June: Dario Castellon's large grant application to the Sustainability, Equity & Justice Fund (SEJF) is approved, securing funding to renovate and refurnish AH 221 & 223, as well as employ a student who would serve as a steward and program coordinator for the proposed student space
January - February: HDCA undergraduate members conduct Community Input Series, collecting responses on college climate

September: HDCA hosts diversity training with consultant Avarna at Huxley College (HC) Fall Retreat (click here for documents from the training)

Spring: HDCA develops strategic sub-plans for delegating priority tasks & formulating budget requests

February: External review of HC concludes need for college-wide emphasis on environmental justice (EJ), cultural sensitivity & inclusion in curricula, physical space (for student collaboration) that could facilitate additional spaces for environmental education & programming, and many other recommendations


Fall: HDCA begins regular meetings

Summer: Diversity Recruitment & Retention Specialist, Shalini Singh, is hired

June: HC bylaws are passed, changing Standing Committee on Community Affairs to Diversity & Community Affairs Committee with redefined membership and duties


June: HC unanimously approves Diversity & Inclusion Plan

May: ENVS faculty adopt "Diversity Manifesto;" HC ad hoc diversity committee submits 3-year Diversity & Inclusion Plan


October: Following formation of HC ad hoc diversity committee, Huxley Dean charges it with drafting HC diversity plan by Spring 2016