Environmental Impact Assessment Report Instructions

EIA Reports: STUDENT/FACULTY Instructions

Huxley College of the Environment now requires EIA Reports to be submitted in a digital (.pdf) format. EIA documents are posted on Western CEDAR and can be searched through Western Libraries OneSearch. Students are required to create a digital signature page to be included in the .pdf file, as outlined below. For additional information, please read Creating .PDF files of Academic Works (Including Signatures).

Student/Faculty Steps for EIA REPORTS

  1. Students complete their EIA project (with faculty advisement)
  2. Students complete their written EIA Report
  3. Students fill out and print a Digital Release/Signature Page
  4. All students sign Digital Release/Signature Page
  5. Faculty signs Digital Release/Signature Page
  6. Students scan signed Digital Release/Signature Page
  7. Students add scanned Digital Release/Signature Page (as a graphic) as a page of their EIA Report. The page should be placed at the beginning of the document right after the cover sheet and/or title page, and does not need to be included in the table of contents
  8. Students convert the entire document to a .pdf file
    Naming convention:

    e.g. 2009_KingMt or 2010_UGA_boundary
  9. Students deliver digital .pdf file (with scanned signature page) to Faculty member
  10. Faculty reads/approves/accepts EIA Report
  11. Instructor emails the .pdf files to Western CEDAR and Libraries staff using the three addresses below:
  12. Western Libraries staff posts the reports to Western CEDAR.


Once posted, the EIA’s will be part of the Huxley College Graduate and Undergraduate Publications Collection and is searchable by author and title via Western Libraries OneSearch.