Huxley College UPDATE: Student Support & Resources

We are writing to you as Huxley College, our state, and our world address the many challenges posed by COVID-19. In the coming spring quarter, the ways many of us connect and learn with one another will be different from what we are accustomed to. Please know that while Huxley faculty and staff will be working remotely to the extent possible, ensuring student success is always at the core of our work. We want you to know, we are here for you. Below is an overview of how Huxley faculty and staff are available to support you. We hope you take the time to read through this letter to learn who is available and how they can be reached.   

David Wallin, Department Chair of ESCI and Grace Wang, Department Chair of ENVS are available if you have questions about courses or departmental matters (e.g. work study or travel). We realize that there is a lot of uncertainty. Thanks for your patience as we all navigate this together. We recommend that you reach out to the individual instructors for questions regarding courses themselves, but we are available to facilitate. / 

Kathy Patrick can be reached at or 360-650-2817 for a phone appointment or a Zoom meeting.  Kathy can help pre-majors with their major applications, understand the Huxley College major options, 105-holds, study abroad, schedules, overrides, minor evaluations and just about anything else.  The next deadline for major application is April 18.  Major application.  

Mary Moores is available via email at and will be conducting scheduled student appointments via cell phone. For current Huxley majors wishing to speak with Mary, email her the following: Subject Line: "Phone appt Requested", Text or email should include at the top: Name, W#. phone # and availability for phone calls this week. You may also want to include: Major title, Minors, expected grad date. To make an appointment by phone please call 360-650-3520.

Ed Weber ( is available for all graduate student questions/issues, scheduling,TA assignments, payroll issues, as well as Graduate Program admissions/applications.  He is also available to help with all overrides for Undergraduate Internships, Senior Projects, Senior Thesis (ESCI/ENVS 498 A, B, and C) and all Graduate-Level courses.   

Shalini Singh, Diversity Recruiter & Retention Specialist is an advocate and support for first-generation, multicultural and non-traditional students and provides personalized academic coaching, mentoring, and resources using a global and multicultural focus to support student persistence and academic achievement at Huxley. She is available to provide the following support and services for students:Huxley Book Barn loan requests. Books may be checked out for up to one quarter per request. You can view the book catalog here and submit requests here. Please contact her directly to arrange pick-up. Other support services include diversity-equity-inclusion related questions, disability support, help communicating with faculty, time management, study skills, tutoring support, scholarship information, academic planning, and other support as needed. Shalini can be reached via WhatsApp: 206-595-6064 or email me at

If you are unsure who to contact please give the Administrative Assistant for Huxley College, Ingrid Patrick, a call or send her an email. She will either be able to help you immediately or direct you to the appropriate person for the job in a timely manner. Ingrid is able to set up phone appointments or Zoom appointments with any of our advisors (Mary, Kathy, Ed, or Shalini) and help you with the set up. Ingrid is also the Scholarship Administrator for Huxley College. You can find information about all of our available scholarships on the Huxley Scholarships page. Any questions you have with regard to scholarships or reimbursement funds should be directed to or 360-650-6744.

The dean, Steve Hollenhorst ( is available to help with any remaining issues or questions you may be having. If he doesn’t have the solution or answer, he’ll find out for you or connect you with the people who can help.

Your two Huxley Student Senators are also available to help. Maya Noesen and Logan Moldenhauer are available at

Be well and be in touch. If you need information about campus assistance concerning the Coronavirus, please visit Westerns COVID-19 response page.


With care,


Steve Hollenhorst, Dean of Huxley College of the Environment

Dave Wallin, Chair Environmental Science

Grace Wang,Chair Environmental Studies

Kathy Patrick, Pre-Major Advisor

Mary Moores, Major Advisor

Ed Weber, Graduate Program and Internship Advisor

Shalini Singh, Diversity Recruiter & Retention Specialist

Ingrid Patrick, Administrative Assistant to the Dean/Scholarship Administrator

Maya Noesen, Huxley Student Senator

Logan Moldenhauer, Huxley Student Senator