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Huxley College Gear: Hoodies, T-Shirts and More!

You can order hoodies with or without flowers:

Flowers on the Hood

Oregon iris (Iris tenax)

Mountain ladyslipper (Cyripedium montanum)

Tiger Lily (Lilium columbianum)

Western trillium (Trillium ovatum)



Hoodies can be ordered in green or black in pull-over style or zip-up:

Green HoodieBlack color swatch 

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T-Shirts come in blue or green:

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Huxley Baseball Caps! Two colors: tan or gray 

Color: Stone/Tan

Also available in Steel/Gray.

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Order Green Fire, a book chronicling Huxley College's first forty years.  The full-color book is 185 pages, has nearly 170 photographs and illustrations, and involves contributions by nearly 20 writers, photographers, designers and editors. Most of the profiles were written by nine recent Western graduates, who worked with Dietrich as environmental journalism majors or on the college‚Äôs quarterly environmental magazine, The Planet.

Green Fire, a history of Huxley College

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