Huxley College Standing Committees 2019-20

(2-year term for rotating membership ends June 2021)

For information on each committee's duties, see the Huxley Bylaws - 6/2/2017, page 6. You can also contact any member of the committee(s) you're interested in.

To apply to join any committees below, please fill out this form.

Here's a resource on Robert's Rules of Order, which may come into play in how committee meetings are conducted: MSG-ROBERTS_RULES_CHEAT_SHEET.pdf


As a student member, if you're unable to attend a committee meeting, let one of your Huxley AS Student Senators know and they may be able to sit in for you.

Academic Technology Committee

There shall be a College Academic Technology Committee (ATC) consisting of one  (1) faculty and one (1) student from each Department, and two (2) staff members from the College.

  • Stefan Freelan, ENVS Faculty
  • Dave Knutson, Staff, Committee Chair
  • Erika McPhee-Shaw, ESCI Faculty
  • Michael Medler, ENVS Faculty
  • TBD, Student

Diversity & Community Affairs Committee

There shall be one College Diversity & Community Affairs Committee whose membership is as follows: one (1) faculty member, one (1) staff member and two (2) students, elected by the faculty of each Department.

  • Alona Christman, Staff
  • John McLaughlin, ESCI Faculty
  • Gene Myers, ENVS Faculty, Committee Chair
  • Shalini Singh, Staff
  • TBD, ENVS Student
  • TBD, ESCI Student
  • TBD, Grad Student

Curriculum Committee

Huxley College shall have a Curriculum Committee consisting of the Department Chairs, two (2) additional faculty from each department, the Undergraduate Advisor, one (1) additional staff from each department and one (1) student from each department.

  • Jenise Bauman, ESCI Faculty
  • Kate Darby, ENVS Faculty
  • Aquila Flower, ENVS Faculty
  • Rose Kawczynski, Staff
  • Diane Knutson, Recording Secretary
  • Brooke Love, ESCI Faculty
  • Mary Moores, Undergraduate Advisor
  • Rebekah Paci-Green, ENVS Faculty 
  • Kathryn Patrick, Undergraduate Advisor (non-voting)
  • Shalini Singh, Staff (non-voting)
  • David Wallin, ESCI Department Chair, Committee Chair
  • Grace Wang, ENVS Department Chair
  • Ed Weber, Staff (non-voting)
  • TBD, Student
  • TBD, Huxley Student Senator (ENVS)
  • TBD, Huxley Student Senator (ESCI)

Personnel Committee

There shall be a College Personnel Committee that deals with matters involving College faculty. The committee will consist of two (2) tenured faculty from each Department and one (1) staff member.

  • Rebecca Bunn, ESCI Faculty
  • Wayne Landis, ESCI Faculty
  • Linda Luttrell, Staff
  • Jean Melious, ENVS Faculty
  • John Rybczyk, ESCI Faculty
  • Paul Stangl, ENVS Faculty
  • Grace Wang, ENVS Department Chair

Policy Committee

There shall be a College Policy Committee, whose membership includes the Dean (non-voting), the Dean’s Assistant (non-voting), the Department Chairs, two (2) additional faculty members from each Department, two (2) staff members, and two (2) students.

  • Andy Bach, ENVS Faculty
  • Leo Bodensteiner, ESCI Faculty
  • Steve Hollenhorst, Dean (ex officio)
  • Linda Luttrell, Operations Manager, Staff (ex officio)
  • Manuel Montaño, ESCI Faculty
  • Kathryn Patrick, Staff
  • Ingrid Patrick, Recording Secretary
  • Nick Schmeck, Student (ENVS)
  • David Wallin, ESCI Department Chair
  • Grace Wang, ENVS Department Chair
  • Scott Wilkinson, Staff
  • Nick Zaferatos, ENVS Faculty
  • TBD, Student

Scholarship, Research, and Creative Opportunities Committee

There shall be a Scholarship, Research and Creative Opportunities Committee consisting of one (1) faculty member from each department, a staff member and a student representative.

  • Charlie Barnhart, ESCI Faculty, Committee Chair
  • Ingrid Patrick, Staff
  • Nick Stanger, ENVS Faculty
  • TBD, Huxley Student

Huxley Graduate Program Committees

Each Graduate degree program in the College shall have a Graduate Program Committee. The membership of each committee will include three (3) faculty members from the program, a graduate program coordinator; and one (1) graduate student.

M.Ed Environmental Education

  • Nini Hayes, ENVS Faculty
  • Gene Myers, ENVS Faculty
  • Nick Stanger, ENVS Faculty, Committee Chair
  • Ed Weber, Staff
  • TBD, Env. Ed. Student
  • TBD, Env. Ed. Student

M.A. Environmental Studies

  • Gigi Berardi, ENVS Faculty
  • Tammi Laninga, ENVS Faculty
  • Michael Medler, ENVS Faculty
  • Ed Weber, Staff
  • TBD, ENVS Graduate Student

M.S. Environmental Science

  • David Shull, ESCI Faculty, Committee Chair
  • Marco Hatch, ESCI Faculty
  • Wayne Landis, ESCI Faculty
  • Ruth Sofield, ESCI Faculty
  • David Wallin, ESCI Department Chair
  • Ed Weber, Staff
  • TBD, Graduate Student