Meet Our Alumni

Christine holds a crab in her two hands while standing on the beach, with islands in the background
Class of 2015

I love running, hiking, photography, and traveling. My favorite trail to hike near Bellingham is Yellow Aster Butte.

Roby sitting on a dirt road with bicycles in the background.
Class of 2014

I love to play banjo, grow food, hike up mountains, wash dishes, keep bees, go swimming, flyfish, and much more.

Sarah, a 20 year-old woman, gives thumbs up while standing on top of mountain
Class of 2014

I would like to stay in Bellingham and do Environmental Education with a local organization.

Cassandra, wearing a black dress, poses in a walkway decorated with plants
Class of 2003

My favorite class at Huxley was Wetlands Ecology. This class offered a hands-on component that directly related to my everyday life and career choice.

Huxley College Alumni: 5100 and counting...

Top 10 Employers

The Washington State Department of Ecology leads all employers in (reported) Huxley alumni employment. Boeing, Western, and King County follow closely. Other employers who didn't make the top ten: City of Seattle, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), WA State DNR, City of Bellingham, and Microsoft.

Top Position Titles

Huxley alumni make creative, innovative workers, which is one reason so many have chosen to start their own environmental consulting firms, organic farms, law firms, non-profits, and other organizations. They also make great planners, leaders, teachers, and scientists, to name only a few of the career paths our alumni have chosen.

Top Cities

Bellingham and its environs are a huge draw for prospective Western students, so it perhaps comes as little surprise that so many choose to stay in the area after graduation. With WWU and Whatcom County among the top five employers of graduates, the Huxley alumni network is alive and well here. Next on the list is Seattle, which also boasts a thriving alumni employment network. Join our LinkedIn group to make contact with active alumni in Washington and beyond.

Recent Employment Data

For employment data on our most recent graduates, visit the WWU Career Services Center's employment survey results.