Meet Current Students

Tim, wearing a long-sleeve green shirt, stands in front of a mountainside with trees
B.S. in Environmental Science

When I'm not in class, I really enjoy running on trails in the Chuckanuts, yoga, cooking, and being with friends.

Kristen, a woman in her 20s wearing workout clothes, poses on a cliff
B.A. in Environmental Studies

About me

When I'm not in class, I enjoy music, yoga, good company, and social activism. 

Sam poses and hangs onto rock formation on beach
B.A. in Environmental Studies/Economics

About me

I enjoy snowboarding in the winter, and hiking and camping in the summer, spring, and fall. I’m also an avid biker and am in the process of building my own road bike.

Courtney poses by tilting her head left while surrounded by trees and shrubs
B.A. in Environmental Studies

About me

Outside of school, I love hiking, cycling, baking vegan goods, hanging out with family and friends, and watching documentaries.

Huxley Student Body at a Glance

Top majors

Before the 2012 school year, students applied for admission to Huxley College in their junior year. Recently, however, that policy changed, and Western students are now allowed to enter Huxley as "Environmental Studies Phase I" majors in their freshman and sophomore years. The graph above illustrates the popularity of that decision--ENVS Phase I majors currently outnumber all others within the college.

Gender data

After several years of growth in the number of female students, Huxley's gender make-up now more closely reflects Western's student body.

Race data

With students of color accounting for 16% of the Huxley student body, the college is currently lagging behind WWU's overall rate of 22%. This is an area Huxley College's facuty and staff have committed to improving in the latest Strategic Plan. The first goal in the plan reaffirms our commitment to recruiting and retaining diverse, high-quality students.

Residency by state

Huxley draws students primarily from Washington and surrounding states. With 16% of our students coming from outside the state, we have significantly out-distanced (ahem) the Western non-resident average of 9%.

NOTE: The data on this page is derived from Western's Office of Institutional Research, which puts out a variety of institutional reports including the WWU Factbook.