Huxley Speaker Series Complimentary Parking

For the">Huxley Speaker Series Huxley College has arranged with Campus Parking to provide Complimentary Parking for Huxley Speaker Series guests every Thursday afternoon beginning at 4:00 pm.

Complimentary parking is available in parking lot 12-A (just west of Fairhaven College).

  • Guests do not need any special parking pass
  • Guests do not need to sign up, or register at the Pay Station
  • Simply Park (anywhere in lot 12-A after 4:00) and walk up to">12-A, on Thursday afternoons, after 4:00, during the academic (10-week) quarter.


    This arrangement will be in place Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter.

    Please spread the word and encourage anyone who is interested in attending to join us.

    Better yet, bicycle parking is also complimentary, and even closer.

    Questions (or if you should happen to get a ticket, which you should not if you have followed these guidelines): contact Stefan