The Huxley Tree Ring Laboratory (HTRL) is a research unit within Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment created in 2006. Members of the lab do tree-ring research projects around the globe and have created a broad collection of chronologies spanning the Pacific Northwest region as well and the Canadian and Siberian boreal forest. The lab strives towards an interdisciplinary research based educational environment with a focus on both graduate and undergraduate research.

This website contains information about current research projects, the people enacting them, and information on the many products of the lab and its collaborators. This site was created to establish connections with potential collaborators and to share our excitement for the work we do here at the HTRL.

Home of dplR

The HTRL is the home of the the Dendrochronology Program Library in R (dplR), an open-source software package for analyzing tree rings.


The Lab

The HTRL is outfitted with two Velmex tree ring measuring stations that utilize trinocular microscopes, analog and digital video displays, a data archive, and a downdraft sanding station, and field equipment.  The lab also houses student researchers who are equipped with the required software and computing capabilities to perform remote sensing work at a variety of scales.