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Internship, Senior Thesis, Senior Project, and International Study Information

Most of the majors offered by Huxley College require students to complete 5-10 credits of Internship, Senior Thesis, Senior Project or International Study. Huxley College requires that all Internship, Senior Thesis, Senior Project and International Study Reports be submitted in a digital format. Some completed reports are available on the Huxley Internship Report server (requires a WWU Login).

If you have any questions about internships, projects or thesis, you can schedule an appointment with Ed Weber by clicking on this link: .

Important Information

You MUST be registered for internship credits (ENVS 498B or ESCI 498B) during the quarter in which ANY part of the internship is being performed, to include Summer Session. The number of credits enrolled each quarter should match the hours you are working on the internship. 30 hours work = 1 credit of internship. Internships will often take more than one quarter to complete. 

  • Example: You perform internship for 240 hours during Summer Session and 60 hours during Fall Quarter. You must be registered for internship credits during BOTH Summer (8 credits) and Fall (2 credits) quarters. 


 Work done during intercessions (Between Quarters) can be registered during either the quarter before or the quarter after the work performance.

  • Example:   Summer Quarter ends on 22 Aug.    Fall Quarter Begins 26 Sep.     You put in 60-hrs of internship work between these two dates.   Those 2-credits could be registered as either Summer OR Fall internships at your discretion.  


2020 Huxley Environmental Career and Internship Fair Info

Useful Guides

Before you begin

  • Meet with your advisor to discuss possible ideas.
  • For internships
    • You may set one up on your own (with an agency you contact)
    • Watch emails from Huxley Advisors on opportunities
    • Use the internship notices from Career Services Center
  • Having decided upon an Internship, Project, or Study, complete and sign the appropriate Huxley Learning Agreement/Contract
  • Arrange for your Advisor (Senior Thesis/Senior Project/International Study) or Huxley Internship Advisor (Ed Weber/ES 545) to get an override code so you can register
    • You will need to have a signed Huxley Learning Agreement/Internship Contract to register for internship credits
    • After the override has been entered, you will still need to register as usual
    • Check out the registration hints (pdf)

Report Format and Style

The content of the report must meet the instructor’s standards thoroughly address your learning objectives as documented in the Huxley Learning/Internship Agreement. The College does require the student meet the following format requirements:

  • Completed reports will need to be submitted as a .pdf file to the instructor by the deadlines established by the instructor.
    • The first page of your report will be the standardized cover sheet indicated below.
  • Submit the report to your instructor as a .pdf file by attaching it to the Huxley College Internship Report Approval Esign Form. (If your file size is too large, you may need to "Compress" your PDF before attaching)
  • If you are doing a Thesis/Project, click below for your instructions.
  • Cover sheets
  • The report DATES refers to the dates when the Internship, Thesis or Report was completed (not when the report is submitted or credit is received). For work spanning multiple quarters/years, include the full range of dates.
  • Non-text addendums (e.g., examples of work or materials from the internship) will need to be scanned for inclusion in the .pdf file.

Typical Timing 

(Note: If your faculty advisor gives different requirements, comply with their directions.)

  • At minimum, submit first draft by third week of last quarter of study. Students must clarify the timeline for draft submission with the instructor and document that on the Senior Thesis/Internship Contract. Instructors need sufficient time to read and evaluate reports before the applicable grading deadline. In most cases, instructors require revisions and resubmission before grading.
  • If internship or thesis work occurs in the summer, this often delays graduation until Fall quarter. Faculty instructors are rarely available during summer to grade Internship or Senior Thesis Reports. Late submissions in spring quarter are problematic because many faculty leave campus for extended periods in summer quarter.
  • Students with incomplete work listed on their transcripts as K grades are responsible for making sure the instructor submits the final grade(s). After the report is accepted as final by the instructor, students with K grades should notify the instructor of all quarters in which they have outstanding incomplete grades.