Andy Bach



Andrew Bach is an Associate Professor of Environmental Geography at Western Washington University. Dr. Bach received his doctorate in geography from Arizona State University in 1995. His Master's and undergraduate work in geography was completed at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Bach currently teaches Introduction to Physical Geography, The Pacific Northwest, Climatology, Map Reading and Analysis, and two soils courses.

Research Interests

Research interests include glacial geomorphology, environmental change on Mt. Baker, Channeled Scablands, and soil genesis.  I am looking for a student who is interested in mapping glacial moraines deposited during the Little Ice Age. As well as students with a soil background who are interested in projects similar to this study:  Whelan, P., and A.J. Bach (2017) Retreating Glaciers, Incipient Soils, Emerging Forests:  One-Hundred Years of Landscape Change on Mt. Baker, Washington, U.S.A., Annals of the Association of American Geographers: 107:  336-349.