Research Associate


I'm currently seeking my MS degree in Geography at Huxley.  For my thesis, I am creating a series of tools to apply newer big data statistics and tools to the field of change detection.  The models I've developed use a series of multivariate linear models, derived using a decision tree algorithm, to create change detection algorithms that can be applied to Landsat or other aerial/satellite imagery. I currently work for the Huxley Spatial Institute where I serve multiple roles.  Some of my tasks include: Server setup and administration using both Linux and Windows platforms. REST service development using a variety of technologies to provide endpoints for our mapping applications. Cartography for both static and interactive maps.  Map styles are generating using a combination of ArcGIS, Tilemill, and Adobe Illustrator Front end engineering where I develop interactive maps using a variety of javascript api's and standards compliant html. My interests our broad and I like exploring new problems and new technologies.  I look forward to new and interesting problems where I can dive in a learn new tools and develop interesting projects.  Some of the maps I've engineered include: Toxic Trends Mapper Northwest Avalanche Center forecast viewer and conditions reporter Salish Sea Restoration wiki and community portal Oil Change International oil train route viewer


BA Environmental Studies, Western Washington University; MS Geography (candidate), Western Washington University