Michael Hilles

Research Technologist


Prior to coming to Western to get his undergraduate degree, Mike spent six years in the U.S. Navy's nuclear propulsion program as a reactor operator aboard the USS Phoenix (SSN 702), a Los Angeles class attack submarine.
As an undergraduate, Mike participated in several grant funded research projects, including a PAH characterization of Padilla Bay (1992), the Lake Whatcom Runoff Project (1990-1991), the first IWS Drayton Harbor Watershed Monitoring Project (1992), and an EPA funded study of stratospheric ozone depletion and it's effects on phytoplankton in the Bellingshausen Sea of Antarctica (1993).
Mike Hilles spends about half of his time riding herd on the Lake Whatcom Monitoring Project, and the other the other half as the Institute for Watershed Studies' information manager/computer technician. He also provides support for other projects.


BS Environmental Science, Western Washington University