Our Team



Dr. Rebekah Paci-Green, Director

Jonah Stinson, Adjunct Faculty and Project-Based Research Associate


Interns, Research Assistants

2015-16 Pamela Melton, Andrea Brudnicki, Ryan DeNoyer, Leah Carlson, Ivy Meadows
2014-15 Julian Theburge, Tyler Black, Karissa Smith
2013-14 Jason Cornell, Zane Beal, Sara Bell
2012-13 Jonny Kemp, Pamela Griswold, Nora Jagielo

Recent Graduates

Anthony Vendetti
After graduating from the DREP program, Anthony spent three years in AmeriCorps working in multiple capacities including wilderness firefighting, emergency planning, and small business resilience. Upon completion of his third year, Anthony moved to New Orleans where he obtained his M.S. in Disaster Resilience Leadership from Tulane University. While in New Orleans, He was also a member of the Executive Leadership Committee for Evacuteer, an organization created to recruit, train, and facilitate the volunteer manpower behind large-scale evacuations. Anthony is now based in Seattle, WA where he works as an emergency management consultant for Integrated Solutions Consulting.

Sarah (Oishi) LaVelle
After Sarah graduated from Huxley she worked as an independent GIS contractor, joined AmeriCorps to work with the City of Everett Office of Emergency Management (OEM), and then supported FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division as a contractor in their Region X office. After working with FEMA, she returned to Everett OEM and is now the Emergency Planning and Operations Coordinator. Sarah manages and maintains the City’s Emergency Operations Center and engages the City departments and their external partners in planning for disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Pam Griswold
The summer after graduation, Pam was hired by the King County Office of Emergency Management (KCOEM) as an AmeriCorps Assistant. She spent the next 10 months building a strong portfolio of hands-on emergency management experience while living off of a modest monthly stipend. When her AmeriCorps term was up, she was hired on full-time as KCOEM's Training and Exercise Coordinator. During her time at the county, she worked with emergency management partners in local, county, state, tribal and federal governments to plan for a large-scale earthquake exercise occurring in June 2016. In the fall of 2015, she began working with the City of Bellevue Office of Emergency Management on training for their Emergency Operations Center. Pam finds joy in working with others to create more resilient communities and is excited about bringing her skills to the city level.