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Students are admitted to GIS Minor and the GIS Certificate program by Application Only.

Admission to these programs is competitive and space may be limited.

Applications are to be emailed to Dr. Aquila Flower.

For questions, contact Dr. Michael Medler or Dr. Aquila Flower




    • Applications are due:
      • Nov. 1 (for winter quarter)
      • Feb. 1 (for spring quarter)
      • May 1 (for fall quarter)
    • Applicants should complete ENVS-320 (or be currently enrolled) prior to applying
  • Undergraduate GIS CERTIFICATE 

    • Applications are due May 1
    • Applicants should complete ENVS-320 and ENVS-321 (or be currently enrolled) prior to applying
    • Priority enrollment for ENVS-420 (GIS III: Analysis and Modeling) and beyond (ENVS-421ENVS-422, etc.), is given to students who have been accepted into the Undergraduate GIS Certificate program. Once Undergraduate GIS Certificate students have enrolled any additional seats will be open to GIS Minors, Post-Bac Certificate students and/or general registration.   
    • GIS Certificate students may also receive the GIS Minor and classes can be double-counted for both degrees (but must declare as such


To Apply for the GIS Minor and/or the Undergraduate GIS Certificate:

  • Applications are to be emailed to Dr. Aquila Flower
  • A Single PDF file containing:
    • A cover page with:
      • Your Name, W# and email address
      • Your Major(s) and any Minor(s)
      • Your academic year (e.g., Jr.) and date or planned date of graduation
      • Your graduation or current GPA
      • Whether you are applying for:
    • A statement addressing the following:
      • Why you are interested in completing the GIS Minor and/or GIS Certificate
      • How your prior education and work experience has prepared you for the GIS Minor and/or GIS Certificate
      • Your career goals
    • A Portfolio of your GIS analysis and cartographic work, including at one-two maps with captions describing what the maps are and what went into making them (it is completely fine if these maps are from your work in ENVS-320)
    • A Resume outlining your education and professional history
    • Transcripts: Unofficial WWU transcripts plus Official Transcripts from other institutions if you previously completed relevant coursework at another institution and would like to count transfer credit toward your GIS degree



  • Students accepted into the GIS Minor program or Undergraduate GIS Certificate program must also file a Declaration Form
  • Students accepted into the GIS Minor will be given a web link to an online Declaration Form (required)


Grade Requirements

  • GIS Minor program: a grade of C- or better is required for all minor courses
  • GIS Certificate program: a grade of B- or better is required for all certificate courses