ArcGIS PRO for WWU Students, Staff and Faculty

ArcGIS PRO Software - for WWU Students, Staff & Faculty*

See also ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop 10.x) for WWU Students, Staff and Faculty

See also SAL / WWU GIS and RS software


ArcGIS PRO can be installed on computers off-campus.* In order to use the software, however, the user needs to have an authorized “Named User” ArcGIS Online account.

Thus, to use ArcGIS PRO on a personal computer* you need to:

  1. Have a WWU ArcGIS Online user account
  2. Have an ArcGIS Pro License assigned to your WWU ArcGIS Online user account
  3. Download the software
  4. Install the software
  5. Open / Login to ArcGIS Pro (using your WWU ArcGIS Online user account)


NOTE: WWU will be using ArcGIS 2.2 on campus for the 2018-19 school year. If you already have an older version of ArcGIS Pro installed you should be able to simply Update it:

  • Open ArcGIS Pro (logging in with your WWU ArcGIS Online account)
  • Go to About ArcGIS Pro (either from the opening Splash screen or from the Project ribbon)
  • On the About page insure that the box for Check for updates on startup is Checked
  • If there are software updates available click the Download Now button
  • Follow the prompts to download and install a newer version and/or Patches

Details for Obtaining, Installing and Using ArcGIS Pro:

     1.  Have a WWU ArcGIS Online User Account

  • ArcGIS Online user accounts are automatically created for anyone with a WWU Login (i.e., a WWU user name and password) the first time you log in to ArcGIS Online
  • ​To create your WWU ArcGIS Online use account login in to WWU's ArcGIS Online page (using your WWU username and password) - see WWU ArcGIS Online User Accounts for details
  • A WWU ArcGIS Online user account provides:​
    • Membership in WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization (with Publishing rights for use with ArcGIS Online)
    • An allowance of online 'credits' (for use with ArcGIS Online)
    • Access to ESRI's online Training courses
    • A license / access to use ArcGIS Pro on campus or personal (off-campus) computers
  • WWU ArcGIS Online accounts remain active as long as you have a current WWU username and password (see Notes for Graduating / Leaving WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization)


    2.  Have an ArcGIS Pro License assigned to your WWU ArcGIS Online User Account

  • ArcGIS Pro licenses are automatically assigned to each new WWU ArcGIS Online user account
  • This process usually happens within an hour but may take up to 24 hours
  • See Notes on ArcGIS Pro Licensing for more information
    3.  Download the ArcGIS Pro software installation file (almost 1 GB): 
     4.  Install the software on your computer (or on multiple computers) 
     5.  Open ArcGIS PRO, logging in as a Named User using your authorized WWU ArcGIS Online user account
  • Use Configure Your Licensing Options to specify Named User login if necessary
  • NOTE: you will need an internet connection to be able to use ArcGIS PRO with your WWU ArcGIS Online user account (you can, however, 'check-out' your license for offline use, but you will need to first login online to do so)
  • To 'check-out' a license to be used offline:
    • Open ArcGIS PRO (with an internet connection), logging in with a licensed account
    • From the Project / Licensing tab, check Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline for a specified number of days
    • The license can then be used offline (on that computer only)
    • To check the license back in, login online again and Uncheck the Offline option
See Get Started with ArcGIS Pro for more information:


    *    If you are On campus (using a WWU computer) contact your IT staff to install ArcGIS PRO.

If you are not a currently enrolled WWU student or current WWU faculty or staff, you can sign up for a 21-Day Free Trial with ArcGIS Online (which includes a 21-Day license for ArcGIS PRO) here: