ArcGIS PRO for WWU Students, Staff and Faculty

ArcGIS PRO - for WWU Students, Staff & Faculty*

See also ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop 10.x) for WWU Students, Staff and Faculty

See also SAL / WWU GIS and RS software


ArcGIS PRO can be installed on any computer you want.* In order to use the software, however, the user needs to have an authorized “Named User” account.

Thus, to use ArcGIS PRO on a personal computer you need to:

  1. Have an ArcGIS Online account AND be a member of WWU’s ArcGIS Online organization AND have an ArcGIS PRO License assigned to your account (if you are signed up for ENVS-320 you should already have all of these and can thus proceed to Step 2)
    • ​If you DO NOT already have an ESRI Account, send an email to (from your WWU email account) requesting:
      1. An ESRI account
      2. Membership in WWU's ArcGIS Online organization
      3. An ArcGIS PRO License
    • If you DO already have an ESRI account, the first step is to become a member of WWU’s ArcGIS Online organization
      • Note: this is NOT the same as being a member of WWU’s ESRI organization…
      • Note also that if you already have a personal (non-WWU) ArcGIS Online account you can use that account to join - or you can create a new, different account
        • Beware, that if you join WWU's ArcGIS Online organization with an existing ArcGIS Online account any (all) content you have created that is associated with your account will be transferred to the WWU ArcGIS Online Organization (and thus, technically, become the property of WWU not you...). For this reason, if you have an existing ArcGIS Online content you might want to create a new account to be associated with WWU and your PRO license... This would allow you to maintain full ownership of your previous, personal account and content.
        • Any new content created using your WWU-associated account will become part of WWU's ArcGIS Online content.
        • If you want to create a new account, email Stefan (see above)
      • To request membership in WWU’s ArcGIS Online organization send an email to (from your WWU email account) requesting:
        1. Membership in WWU’s ArcGIS Online organization
        2. An ArcGIS PRO license
    • If you DO have an ESRI account AND are already a member of WWU’s ArcGIS Online organization then you just need the License for ArcGIS PRO:
      • Contact to request an ArcGIS PRO license (be sure to mention that you are already a member of WWU's ArcGIS Online organization)
    • Membership and/or Licensing typically expires after 2 years - contact to renew either
  2. Download the software installation file (almost 1 GB):
  3. Install the software on your computer (or on multiple computers) 
  4. Open ArcGIS PRO as a Named User using your authorized ArcGIS Online account
    • Use Configure Your Licensing Options to specify Named User login if necessary
    • NOTE: you will need an internet connection to be able to use ArcGIS PRO with your Named User account (you can, however, 'check-out' your license for offline use, but you will need to first login online to do so)
    • To 'check-out' a license to be used offline:
      • Open ArcGIS PRO (with an internet connection), logging in with a licensed account
      • From the Project / Licensing tab, check Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline for a specified number of days
      • The license can then be used offline (on that computer only)
      • To check the license back in, login online again and Uncheck the Offline option
  5. See Get Started with ArcGIS Pro for more information:


    *    If you are on campus (using a WWU computer) contact your IT staff to install ArcGIS PRO.

If you are not a currently enrolled WWU student or current WWU faculty or staff, you can sign up for a 21-Day Free Trial with ArcGIS Online (which includes a 21-Day license for ArcGIS PRO) here: