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ESRI Software

ESRI makes ArcGIS Desktop (including ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox), ArcGIS Server and related programs which are the main GIS software used on WWU campus. In addition ESRI offers a variety of free products and support:

Notes on Obtaining a Student copy of ESRI Software:

WWU is currently using ArcGIS 10.x as our main teaching software. ArcGIS 10.2 is installed in the Spatial Labs (AH-14, -16, -24 and ES-318) as well as many of the ATUS Windows Labs on campus (Haggerd Hall, etc.).

ESRI provides a Free Student Evaluation copy of ArcGIS Desktop (ArcEditor license level) withextensions (Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Tracking Analyst, etc.). This is a full copy that can be used for 1 year and is available to WWU students. To pick up an installation DVD, stop by Stefan's office (AH-201) OR email Stefan to obtain an authorization code that will allow you to download the software.

NOTE: WWU Faculty and Staff should contact their Department IT staff for installation on office, lab or home computers.

You can also request a 60-Day Evaluation copy directly from ESRI: or you can request the 1-year Student Trial from ESRI:

Finally, some of the ArcGIS tutorial books include a evaluation copy with them. For example, Getting to Know ArcGIS (second edition) comes with a 180 version of the same software (including the extensions). The book (with CD) costs $80.00, and is available from ESRI Press.

NOTE: ArcGIS is a large program, requiring lots of RAM to run happily. To install and run ArcGIS you need Windows (2+ GHz, 2 GB+ RAM and 256+ MG Video Card STRONGLY recommended).

Other Commercial Software


ESRI Tutorial Books and Manuals (.pdf files)

  • SAL Library, list of books available for loan
  • ESRI digital books (.pdf files) available from J:\SALdata\ESRI_misc\esri_books\
  • ESRI digital books (.pdf files) available from J:\SALdata\ESRI_misc\esri_books\tutorials\
  • Misc. other titles available from Stefan
  • Mapping and Modeling Using ESRI Software: Links to tutorials that demonstrate how to work with various types of data in ArcGIS
  • Miscellaneous online tutorials