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ESRI makes ArcGIS Desktop, which includes ArcGIS PRO and ArcMap (i.e., ArcGIS for Desktop 10.x, including ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox). They also make "extensions" that extend the functionality of both ArcGIS Pro and/or ArcMap (i.e., Spatial Analyst or 3D Analyst). ArcGIS Pro is now being taught in all Huxley GIS classes and most WWU classes and computer on campus. 

In addition ESRI offers ArcGIS Online which provides tools to create, store and manage maps online (some of which can be used for free). WWU students and staff can use ArcGIS Online by creating a WWU ArcGIS Online user account. See ArcGIS User Account notes.



WWU Students, Staff and Faculty can install ArcGIS PRO on a personal computer. See ArcGIS PRO for WWU Students, Staff & Faculty for instructions.

To use ArcGIS Pro requires a WWU ArcGIS Online user account, available to anyone with a WWU login. See ArcGIS User Account notes.

NOTE: WWU Faculty and Staff should contact their Department IT staff for installation of ArcGIS PRO on office or lab computers.


Student Copy of ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop 10.x, including ArcCatalog, etc.):

ESRI provides a Free Student Evaluation copy of ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop 10.x, including ArcMap, ArcCatalog, etc.) with extensions (Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Tracking Analyst, etc.). This is a full copy that can be used for 1 year and is available to WWU students. Note that this is not ArcGIS PRO. Email (from your WWU email account) to obtain an authorization code that will allow you to download the software. 

NOTE: WWU Faculty and Staff should contact their Department IT staff for installation of ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop 10.x) on office, lab or personal computers


Notes ArcGIS ArcMap vs ArcGIS PRO:

ArcMap and ArcGIS PRO provide similar functionality in terms of tools for spatial analysis, data management and cartography. PRO is the more recent software and ESRI has stated that they are no longer developing ArcMAP (though they will continue to support it for years). As of 2019 the majority of GIS professionals (and thus most jobs) continue to use ArcMAP. However, that is beginning to change and it is clear that ESRI is strongly encouraging its users to transition. Moreover, students taking an Introductory level GIS course in 2019 will likely be looking for jobs in 2020 and beyond. Thus Huxley College decided to begin using ArcGIS PRO as the teaching platform in 2017. As of Fall 2018 all of Huxley's GIS classes use ArcGIS Pro.


Other Commercial Software

  • Idrisi (Clark Labs)
  • ENVI (Remote sensing and image processing, installed in the SAL)
  • ERDAS Imagine (Remote Sensing)
  • ERDAS ER Mapper
  • ESRI (ArcGIS, the Spatial Analyst extension and Leicia's Image Analysis extension)
  • Maptitude
  • TatukGIS (low cost GIS)



ESRI Tutorial Books and Manuals (.pdf files)

  • SAL Library, list of books available for loan
  • ESRI digital books (.pdf files) available from J:\SALdata\ESRI_misc\esri_books\
  • ESRI digital books (.pdf files) available from J:\SALdata\ESRI_misc\esri_books\tutorials\
  • Misc. other titles available from Stefan
  • Miscellaneous online tutorials