WWU Notes - ESRI's e-Learning / Virtual Campus

As a WWU student or employee many of the ESRI e-Learning courses (formerly the "Virtual Campus") are available for free. To register for a course, you will need to have an ESRI Global Account and be a member of WWU's ESRI Organization (individual Course Access Codes are not needed). Once you are a member of WWU's ESRI Organization you can take as many of the courses as you like. There are also turtorals and videos, etc.


ESRI Global Accounts
To use the ESRI e-Learning you need an ESRI "Global Account." If you don't have a Global Account:

  • Go to the ESRI Global Account Page: https://accounts.esri.com/
  • Click on the Create An Account link / tab
  • Fill out the online form (name and email address)
    • Note that you do not need to use your WWU email address - in fact, there is some advantage in not using your WWU email address, as once you graduate you will no longer have access to your WWU email
  • Click Create an Account
  • You should receive an email confirming the request
  • Follow the Activate Your Account link (in the email to complete the Account Setup process)
  • Fill out the online Account form (user name, password, profile information, etc)
  • Click Create
  • You should now be able to login to your new ESRI Account


Becoming a member of WWU's ESRI Organization
Some of ESRI's e-Learning classes are free for anyone to take. However, most of the courses require that you are a member of an ESRI Organization that has access to the full catalog, such as WWU. Once you have an ESRI Account you can join WWU's ESRI Organization. If you are in a WWU course using GIS your instructor may have the entire class 'invited' to join. If you receive an invitation be sure to log in with your ESRI Global Account (see above). Or you can Request to become a member. 
         To Request Membership:

  • Log in to your ESRI Account https://accounts.esri.com/
  • Go to My ESRI (available from the username drop-down list or https://my.esri.com/#/ )
  • Click on the My Organizations tab
  • Click the Request Permissions link
    • Optional - if necessary: Click Request permissions to an additional organization
    • For Customer Number enter 146620
    • For Organization enter Western Washington University
    • For Permissions enter e-Learning
      • ‚ÄčInclude your W# in the Permissions dialog box
      • Include a BRIEF note as to you usage (i.e., taking 'ENVS-321', or 'Working with Dr. Flower'...), also in the Permissions dialog box
    • Click Send Request
    • Once Approved you should receive an email to that effect, at which point you can login as a member...
  • Note that being a member of WWU's ESRI Organization is not the same as being a part of WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization... if you need access to WWU's ArcGIS Online Organization contact Stefan.


Finding and Taking Online Courses
Once you have an ESRI Account and are a member of  of WWU's ESRI Organization you can search ESRI's catalog and take classes:

  • Login to your ESRI or My ESRI account - or the ESRI Training page
  • From the Support & Services dropdown list, click My Training
  • Click the Catalog tab - or from the Catalog drop-down menu, Click Find Training
    • Optionally restrict the search to just Web Courses (or other types)
    • Optionally restrict the search to just ArcGIS PRO  or ArcGIS 10.5 (or other versions)
  • Click View Details to learn more about a course
  • From the Details page, click Launch Course to begin the course


Returning to a Course which you have begun:
Once you have begun a course you can return to it from your My Learning page (or the Training Dashboard or your Learning Activity page):

  • Login to your ESRI or My ESRI account - or the ESRI Training page
  • From the Support & Services dropdown list, click My Training
  • In the lower section of your Training page should be your Learning Activity, including any courses you are taking
    • Or from the My Learning drop-down list choose Dashboard or Learning Activity
  • Click on the Resume Course link for the course you would like to continue


Using e-Learning Web Courses

  • If you don't finish a course your profile will remember where you left off for when you return.
  • Course data for some of the more frequently used courses are available from the J:\GEO\GEO_data\ESRI_data\  server (in either the ArcGIS_PRO folder or the Virtual_Campus server.
  • Some courses have a series of 'modules.' Courses and/or modules often have an exercise or exercises. At the end of most courses or modules will be a Review section and an Exam. Successful completion of the exam(s) will be rewarded by a completion certificate (which you might want to print for the benefit of your WWU faculty should they require it, or submit a .pdf of the Certificate to Canvas).
  • To view / print your Certificate return to your Learning Activity page and click the View Certificate link for the completed course.
  • Note that you can download your Certificate as a .pdf file (alternatively you can 'print' your certificate to a .pdf file).
  • Printing: While students are discouraged from printing the entire e-Learning course, many find printing the Exercises to be helpful. To print just the Exercise (and not the Table of Contents, etc), use the Print icon in the upper right hand section of the Exercise.  
  • To locate courses, try Searching for:
    • "ArcGIS Pro"
    • "Python"
    • "Map"
    • "Raster"
    • "Model"
    • Note that you can limit your search results to just those trainings which are 'Available with maintenance and/or are Free
    • Note that you can filter your search results by 'GIS Capabilities' (i.e., Foundation / Learn GIS Concepts or Foundation / ArcGIS Desktop Concepts)