WWU Notes - Virtual Campus

As a WWU student or employee many of the ESRI Virtual Campus course offerings are available at no additional cost (See List of Available VC Courses). To register for a course, you will need to have an ESRI Global Account and a Course Access Code. You will also need an internet connection and access to the ArcGIS software. (For notes on obtaining a home version of ESRI software, see the GIS Links page.)

  1. ESRI Global Accounts
    To use the ESRI Virtual Campus you need an ESRI "Global Account." If you don't have a Global Account, go to the ESRI Global Account Page. Click onCreate An Account and fill out the online form (note you can also get to the same form from the 'Login' link from the ESRI Training / My Training page). You will need an email address and will be asked to create a Username (which will become your future Login) and a Password. Remember your username and password - you will need them for returning to online courses later or if you take additional courses. Once your account has been confirmed you're ready to use their Virtual Campus.
    If you have a Global Account, you can go to the ESRI Training home page and click on the 'My Training' tab. Click on 'Go' for My Virtual Campus Training. If you aren't logged in you will need to log in to your Global Account using your username and password. You should then be at the 'My Virtual Campus Training page.
  2. Starting a new Virtual Campus Course using a Course Access Code
    To take a Virtual Campus Course you will need a Course Access Code which can be obtained from your instructor (if you are taking a GIS class) or from Stefan (you may request up to three courses per student at a time).
    Once you have an Access Code you will need to login to the Virtual Campus and enter your Access Code to begin a course. Each code is specific to a particular ESRI course (i.e., you will need one for each course you wish to take and the codes cannot be reused by another person). Course Access Codes expire after one year.
    From the ESRI Training page log in and go to My Virtual Campus Training. In theStart a New Web Course box enter your 14-digit Access Code. This should add the course to your list of Courses In Progress. To go to a particular course simply click on the name of the course in the list. Note: you do not need to remember your Access Code. Once you have entered it and begun the course all you need to do is login to your ESRI account and go to the course.
  3. Using the Virtual Campus
    Returning to your Virtual Campus Course: Once you have a Global Account and have entered your Access Code for a course, you can return to your course(s) from theESRI Training home page by clicking the 'Login' or 'My Virtual Campus Training' link.
    Courses typically have a series of 'modules.' If you don't finish a course your profile will remember where you left off for when you return. At the end of each module, successful completion of a short exam will be rewarded by a completion certificate (which you might want to print for the benefit of your WWU faculty should they require it).
    Sample data for some of the more frequently used courses are available from theJ:\GEO\GEO_data\ESRI_data\Virtual_Campus server (saving you the trouble of downloading and unzipping it yourself).
  4. Printing an Exercise from the Virtual Campus
    While students are discouraged from printing the entire Virtual Campus, many find printing the Exercises to be helpful. To print just the Exercise (and not the virtual Campus Table of Contents, etc), use the Print icon in the upper right hand section of the Exercise (next to "<< Previous | Next >>"). Note that you can print 2 pages per page (1/2 size) by clicking on the Preferences button (or Properties button in some browsers) in the Print dialog box.


How to Enroll:

  1. Go to www.esri.com/mytraining and click My Virtual Campus Training.
  2. If you have an Esri global account, log in with your username and password. If you do not, click "Need an Esri Global Account?" and create an account.
  3. Enter the 14-digit course access code above in the "Start a New Web Course" box.
  4. The course is added to your Courses in Progress list. Click the course title to begin.
  5. When you pass the course exam, your course certificate of completion is added to the My Virtual Campus Training > Transcript page.
    Access to this course expires one year from the date of this e-mail. Upon expiration, you will no longer be able to access the course materials. The course and certificate will remain in your transcript. If you have any questions, please contact us. Customer Service, service@esri.com