Environmental Aspects of Death: Green Burial, Composting and Beyond

Brian Flowers

Funeral Director, Green Burial Coordinator, Moles Farewell Tributes

Start Time & Date

Start Time & Date

Brian will discuss the history of death care in America leading to the current environmental impacts of conventional burial and cremation practices. He will draw on over a decade of experience as a licensed funeral director and leader in the Green Burial Movement to explore established and emerging alternatives in death care that further environmental goals of reduced carbon emissions, ecological restoration, and landscape level conservation. Practices that can be both ecologically sound, and deeply meaningful, spiritually and emotionally.


Brian Flowers

Once upon a time Brian Flowers graduated from Western Washington University with a degree entitled “Orality & Mythology,” which is really just an academic way of saying “storytelling.” He has worked (more moonlighting these days) as a performance storyteller for over 20 years. This set him on a long and winding path that eventually led to a career in the Green Burial Movement. He would be glad to tell you the story of that journey. Today Brian is the managing funeral director for Moles Farewell Tributes in Bellingham, WA and the Green Burial Coordinator for Greenacres Memorial Park, where he designed and developed The Meadow Natural Burial Ground. He has also served as The Board President for The Green Burial Council. Brian is a passionate advocate for ecologically sound, family centered death care and the crafting of unique, relevant, contemporary rituals that make meaning of life’s profound experiences. Afterall, ritual can be the reenactment of story. Brian has served on the Board of Trustees for HonorWorks and is the Past President of the Green Burial Council, an international non-profit engaged in certification for green burial offerings. He is a lifelong resident of the most beautiful place on earth, residing in rural Whatcom County with his wife, daughter, and Jack the dog and takes every opportunity to get out and enjoy the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest. 

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