The Business of Keeping People Connected To Nature (at Mt Baker Ski Area)

Gwyn Howat
CEO, Mt. Baker Ski Area


Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 4:30pm

As we face the reality of caring for the future of our Earth in an era with increasing detachment from nature and the environment that sustains our lives, this will be a discussion, ideas, and some history about how a for-profit, capitalistic corporation can work for the benefit of the natural world, people and community; all while doing business in a sensitive environment, 100% off the grid in the snowiest place on Earth.

Photo of Gwyn Howat

Gwyn Howat is the CEO and Executive Vice President of Mt. Baker Ski Area, Inc. – Gwyn cut her first powder tracks at Baker as a two year old when her Father Duncan became the General Manager more than 50 years ago.  She spent every childhood weekend growing up under the hanging glacier of Shuksan, surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the ski area and under the open night sky of a place 100% off the grid.  When not on the mountain, she was on the family farm near Lake Whatcom, has had animals in her home for her entire life, has never owned a television and yes it’s true, does not personally “do” social media.  Her first job at Baker was more than 35 years ago picking up trash in the parking lots.  Now her day-to-day work is filled with helping to run a business that employs nearly 500 people, is the size of a small city on the weekends, operates on public land, and remains one of the few independent ski areas left in North America. What truly drives Gwyn’s work however, is her ever-strengthening belief that helping keep people connected to nature is not only good business, it is at the core of building happier people, a more connected community, and a better world.

Photo of Mt Baker Ski Area


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