One Year of Activism and Resistance: Women, Science, and the Trump Administration

Sarah Myhre, Ph.D.

Start Time & Date

Start Time & Date

Western Washington University has shifted to entirely online classes for Spring, 2020. As such, the Huxley Speaker Series is revisiting some of our favorite presentations from the Archives.

This talk was originally presented as part of the Huxley Speaker Series in Fall 2017:

As we near the year anniversary of the election of Donald Trump, it is appropriate to remark on the paradigm shift that has occurred in activism and public scholarship for many women in science. My scientific community of women colleagues has radically changed, reorganized by the rise of anti-science, misogynist, and racist speech from the administration of the US Presidency. In this last year, the grass-roots organization 500 Women Scientists has brought together the global voice of 20,000 women in science, and hundreds of organizing chapters, to advocate for equity, justice, and women’s leadership - in both science and in society. As with many public institutions, media outlets, and cultural figures, the rise the anti-evidence hate speech from the US Presidency changes the landscape of decisions and public actions for women. Indeed, women in STEM careers, including scientists, academics, doctors, educators, and engineers, are still women; fundamentally, when the most powerful man in public office can brag about sexually assaulting women at whim, it changes the world women live in. This one-year anniversary of activism for women in science is a bright spot of hope and collective success. We, the women united by 500 Women Scientists, are stepping forward with a loud collective voice to hold public leadership and institutions to the highest standard of public service and integrity. This talk will highlight the stories and voices of these women.

Sarah Myhre

Dr. Sarah E. Myhre is a scientist, activist, and public communicator. She is actively investigating and publishing on the paleoceanographic history of the Pacific ocean, using ocean sediment cores and robots on the seafloor, and she is currently a research associate at the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. She is a freelance writer and grass roots organizer - and she grew up in Whatcom county, and attended WWU for her undergraduate, and has run past public climate education programs at Mt. Baker Ski Area, called the Future of Ice Series. She will be speaking in her capacity as an advocate for women in leadership, as a a Board member of 500 Women Scientists, the founder of the Seattle chapter of 500 Women Scientists, and a Board member of the Center for Women in Democracy.

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