The Monochromatic Mountain: Photographic Flights To The Great Ranges Of Western North America

John Scurlock

Start Time & Date

Start Time & Date

Photo by John Scurlock

A presentation of selected black & white images of mountains and glaciers, representing eighteen years of aerial photography conducted in remote regions extending from California to the Northwest Territories, and from the Pacific Coast to Wyoming and the Canadian Rockies.  Included will be a brief discussion of glacier photography, as well as the technical aspects of "landscape photography" from the air.

John Scurlock

Renowned aerial photographer John Scurlock has been photographing mountains and glaciers across western North America since 2002. He has covered terrain from Alaska to California and from the Coast Mountains and Cascades to the Rockies of Canada and the United States. His images have inspired climbers, skiers, and backcountry travelers. He has provided images for the Washington State Department of Transportation, the US Geological Survey , Department of the Interior/National Park Service, US Forest Service, Parks Canada, BC Parks, Western Washington University, University of Washington, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Northern British Columbia. In 2018, he completed an eleven year project (in cooperation with Portland State University) to photograph every glacier in the lower forty eight states.

John's images have appeared in numerous books and publications such as The American Alpine Journal, Canadian Alpine Journal, Journal of Glaciology, Alpinist Magazine, Rock & Ice, Ski Journal, and Climbing Magazine. His ground breaking book, ‘Snow & Spire: Flights to Winter in the North Cascade Range’, was published in November, 2011. He and his wife, photo journalist Ruth Fremson, currently reside on Bainbridge Island along their three cats.



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