Supporting Huxley Students

Thank you for considering a gift to Huxley College of the Environment. Our rigorous, interdisciplinary approach to education requires projects and experiences that are found outside of the classroom. Your gifts ensure that students have the kinds of experiences that make a degree from Huxley College a unique and highly-regarded accomplishment.

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If you have been a donor in the past, we thank you for being our partner! If you are considering a gift to a current fund or endowment, or would like to explore new ways to support the program, please contact us - we’ll look forward to the conversation.

Our Goals

Our goal this year is to generate college-level support for our current 50th Anniversary Access Scholarship. College graduation rates for low-income and underserved students are 20 percentage points lower than the rest of the population. At Huxley, we believe it is critical we fix this “opportunity gap.” This is why Huxley has made need-based admissions scholarships it’s #1 fundraising goal. Our Climate Innovation Fund will help to drive the college to even better address the climate crisis in our teaching, research, and outreach programs. Huxley College on the Peninsulas offers students in the greater Puget Sound region the opportunity to earn either a B.A. in Environmental Policy or a B.S. in Environmental Science on the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas, where no 4 year university opportunities exists. This offering is meaningful to the communities in this region, and also to the economics of Washington state.

These are the initiatives:

Huxley 50th Anniversary Scholarships
Climate Innovation Fund
Huxley College on the Peninsulas

Below is a partial list of additional funds that provide support to Huxley College:

  • Bradley F. Smith Internship Program
  • Environmental Education Program
  • Environmental Sciences Department
  • Environmental Studies Department
  • Geography Program
  • Huxley College Annual Scholarship Fund
  • Huxley College AWMA Team
  • Huxley College Dean's Fund for Sustainability
  • Huxley College General Fund
  • Huxley College History Project
  • Huxley College L.E.A.D. program
  • Huxley College of the Environment Scholarship Endowment
  • Huxley College Resilience Institute
  • Huxley College Speaker Series
  • Huxley College Student Research
  • Huxley Internship Program
  • Institute for Environmental Toxicology
  • Institute for Watershed Studies
  • Rainforest Immersion & Conservation Action (RICA) Program
  • Rocky Spencer Memorial Endowment
  • The Planet Magazine
  • The Spatial Institute (GIS, Map Collections etc.)
  • Tommy Gaines Research Stipend

Contact the Huxley College Associate Director of Development/Alumni Engagement

Phaedra Beckert

(360) 650-2377