Sustainable Business Certificate

Sustainable Business

Certificate of Completion

Students and Professionals are invited to gain practical, cutting-edge business skills in the field of sustainability by enrolling in the Sustainable Business Certificate of Completion through Western Washington University’s Extended Education program. This cutting edge, multi-media curriculum will equip students and professionals with the knowledge, skills and tools to apply today.

These workshops are designed to work with your schedule. Complete the entire certificate, pick a workshop bundle, or choose individual workshops:

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The Certificate of Completion (all 24 courses) will train you on the following knowledge, skills, and tools.

Sustainability 101

Managing for Sustainability

Engagement and the Bottom Line

Advancing Your Career

Sustainability and the Language of Business

Managing for Sustainability

Employee Engagement

How to Create and Manage a Green Team

Making the Business Case

Strategy for Sustainability

Stakeholder Engagement

Case Studies of Sustainability Implementation

Sustainable Operations

Vision and Goal Setting

External Reporting

How to Get a Job in Sustainability

Environmental and Social Sustainability Issues

Change Management for Sustainability

Sustainable Finance

Advanced Networking

Risk and Resiliency

Sustainability Policies

Greenhouse Gas Accounting

Defining and Communicating Your Personal Brand

Marketing for Sustainability

Governance, Evaluation and Compensation

Triple Bottom Line Accounting

Refining Your Professional Online Presence


Video Clip Examples

Making the Business Case

Sustainability and the Language of Business 

Accounting and the Triple Bottom Line





“Running a renowned sustainable business consulting firm by day, we found that students across the globe were not learning the tangible skills they needed to break into the field of sustainability, and that professionals had few places to turn to for refining their skillsets in such a dynamic and developing industry. So, we created the content that will get them there.”

- Kevin Wilhelm, Content Creator

Sustainable Business Consulting is a leader in this field, having worked with over 120+ businesses ranging across 37 different industries, from Fortune 500 Multinationals to government agencies and city government. His firm specializes in helping organizations realize business value through integrating social and environmental sustainability into everything they do.

In addition, the firm has published several books on integrating sustainability into business as well as developing your career in the field. Titles include: Making Sustainability Stick, Return on Sustainability, and Sustainability Jobs.