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Huxley Speaker Series 11/21: Robin Matthews to Discuss Lake Whatcom Water Quality

Dr. Robin A. Matthews, Director of WWU’s Institute for Watershed Studies, will discuss Lake Whatcom’s ongoing water quality issues as part of the Huxley College of the Environment Speaker Series at 4 p.m. on Thursday, November 21 in Communications Facility 105 on the Western Washington University campus.

The presentation is free and open to the public.

Since 1987, Dr. Matthews has been involved with monitoring water quality in Lake Whatcom, which provides drinking water to nearly 100,000 people in Whatcom County. In 1998, Lake Whatcom was officially listed on the Washington Department of Ecology’s 303(d) list of impaired waterways, and continues to suffer from a host of problems that have led to moratoriums on growth and development in the watershed.

In her... Continue reading

Bowei He, MS Candidate in Environmental Sciences, to Present Thesis Seminar 11/15 at 1PM in ES318

Please join us on Friday, November 15 at 1 PM in Environmental Studies 318 to hear Bowei He, MS candidate in Environmental Sciences, present her thesis seminar: "The Relationship between Lake Whatcom Algae Density, Water Quality and Filtration Rate at Bellingham, WA Water Treatment Plant."

Huxley Speaker Series 11/14: Rob Peña, U-Washington Professor of Architecture, to Discuss Sustainable Building Design

Rob Peña, Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture at the University of Washington, will speak on the sustainable design and functioning of the Bullitt Center as part of the Huxley College of the Environment Speaker Series and the Department of Art’s Speaker Series on Art and Ecology.

In his talk, “The Integrated Design Lab: On the Bullitt Center,” Peña will describe this living laboratory distinguished by its composting toilets, strict energy and water budgets, and a conspicuous lack of on-site parking. The 50,000-square-foot office building pushes the edges of sustainable architecture with its roof-top cap of photo-voltaics estimated to produce 230,... Continue reading

Youth Leadership Conference’s Opportunity Fair Sunday, Nov. 10th, at the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center

North Cascades Institute (NCI) will host the 4th annual Youth Leadership Conference in partnership with North Cascades National Park and Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The Conference will take place at the NCI's Environmental Learning Center on Nov 9-10th. More than 60 youth ages 14-22 will gather for two days in the North Cascades to enhance their leadership and communication skills, build resumes, explore higher education opportunities, and connect with organizations that build work skills and experience toward a fulfilling career.

The Opportunity Fair is a chance to share internships, volunteer opportunities, stewardship programs and/or job openings with conference attendees. Following the Opportunity Fair is lunch and the Partner Forum, an open-space discussion that offers time for... Continue reading

Huxley Speaker Series 11/7: Marine Conservation Expert Robyn du Pré to Discuss Citizen Stewardship

Robyn du Pré, executive director of the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Foundation (NSMCF), will discuss citizen involvement in marine stewardship as part of the WWU Huxley College of the Environment Speaker Series at 4 p.m. on Thursday, November 7 in Communications Facility 105 on the Western Washington University campus. The presentation is free and open to the public.

In her talk, titled “Citizen Engagement in Marine Conservation,” Ms. du Pré will explore citizen engagement in advocacy, policy and restoration of marine resources, with a focus on the vital task of involving local citizens in stewardship of their home waters through volunteerism. She will also describe the model for citizen-based stewardship created by the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative.... Continue reading

Huxley Environmental Ed Grad among Record Crop of Fulbright Winners from Western

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently announced that Western was the top national producer of Fulbright Scholarship winners among public master's-granting institutions in 2013. Among those winners is Huxley's own Hillary Landers, who graduated from Western with a degree in Environmental Education and Spanish. Hillary has been awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Brazil to help with World Cup preparations.

Wendy Walker, Huxley College Senior Instructor of Environmental Education, comments, "I have been impressed with Hillary’s aptitude for teaching. She cares about students and it shows in her demeanor. She is energetic, outgoing and helps keep students and peers motivated...... Continue reading

Huxley Speaker Series 10/31: Local Environmental Consultant David Roberts to Discuss Marine Resource Management

David Roberts, owner of Kulshan Environmental Services, will discuss marine resource management issues as part of the WWU Huxley College of the Environment Speaker Series at 4 p.m. on Thursday, October 31 in  on the Western Washington University campus. The presentation is free and open to the public.

In his talk, titled “Modern Marine Management: The Challenge of Meeting Conflicting Needs,” Mr. Roberts will explore challenges facing modern day resource managers as they are forced to weigh difficult decisions regarding the future of our state’s aquatic lands. He will explore three primary challenges faced in day to day operations including property ownership, legacy management, and future uses.

Armed with an MS in... Continue reading

Erica Capuana, MS Candidate in Environmental Sciences, Thesis Seminar Presentation, 11/6 at 1PM in ES534

Please join us on Wednesday, November 6 at 1 PM in Environmental Studies 534, to hear Erica Capuana's MS in Environmental Sciences Thesis Seminar Presentation: "Assessment of Riparian Conditions in the Nooksack River Basin with the Combination of LiDAR, Multi-Spectral Imagery and GIS."

Sarah Bell, MS Candidate in Geography, Thesis Research Presentation, 11/4 at 3:30 in CF 110

Please join us on Monday, November 4 at 3:30 in Communications Facility 110, to hear Sarah Bell's MS in Geography Thesis Research Presentation: "The Spatial Manifestation of Neoliberal Discourse: Mapping Chicago's Education Reform Debate." Everyone is welcome.

Huxley Professor's Research Shows Ties Between Estuary Health and Greenhouse Gases

From the WWU Office of Communications:

"At a pair of research projects in Snohomish County, Western Washington University Professor of Environmental Science John Rybczyk is looking to find out more about the relationship between river deltas and estuary systems and their ability to lock in carbon.

"Carbon is a naturally occurring element found in all living things, and the soft, oxygen-free sediments of estuaries are natural sponges that lock in carbon. When these estuaries and river deltas are drained or impounded, that sediment becomes exposed to oxygen and combines with the newly-freed carbon... Continue reading


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