Prospective graduate students interested in working in the lab should first check out Huxley's graduate programs. Huxley tends to admit students in fall quarter only and applications start being reviewed on February first. Please contact Andy Bunn or Aquila Flower to see what projects are going at the moment. Our research generally deals with how humans are changing the globe, and (as the name suggests) we tend to focus on how forests respond to climate. We often work on elevational gradients in mountain or arctic systems.


Graduate students in the lab are intellectually curious and hardworking. Almost all of the work we do involves fieldwork in challenging and remote places (other than the odd code-monkey project). Most of the work we do in the lab is quantitative and students that want to work with in the lab should be prepared to do quantitative research. Aptitude or interest in statistics is especially important! This doesn't mean you need perfect math GRE scores.* Willingness to learn and work hard are the most important things.

The lab is pretty small and we try to have 2-3 students at any given time. If there are funded positions available, they will be advertised here and circulated on various listservs. Funding via Teaching Assistantship is possible and should be discussed with the relevant program adviser.


Current Positions


None currently.


*That said, the math portion of the GRE is pretty easy. All GRE scores should be pretty good.