Undergraduate Applications to Huxley College

The Applications

Application to Huxley College is selective and based upon preparation and prior academic performance. Students must first apply to and be accepted by Western Washington University (WWU). However, acceptance to WWU does not insure admittance to any Huxley majors. Application forms for WWU and Huxley College are available through either the WWU Admissions Office or Huxley College. Transfer students should contact the Undergraduate Admissions Advisor  before application to WWU or Huxley College.

Students can declare as an environmental studies pre-major or as an environmental science pre-major at any time.

Admission to Huxley College and its majors is based on the following four criteria:

  1. completion of required preparatory course work,
  2. academic performance (GPA),
  3. a brief essay in response to a given question.

Standards for admission are competitive and fluctuate from quarter to quarter, depending on the number of applicants and students graduating.

For applications to the Urban Planning and Sustainable Development Major, please review the following informational materials for further guidance: