ENVS Waitlist Priority Policy

Adopted 03-24-16, revised 11-11-21


When ENVS courses develop a waitlist, the department may give priority to the following students:

 200-level ENVS classes

  • ENVS declared majors -- class required for major
  • ENVS pre-majors -- class required for anticipated major
  • Other Huxley pre-majors -- class required or part of a list
  • Other Huxley minors -- class required or part of a list
  • Other students

300 and 400-level ENVS classes

1. Graduating students, class need for graduation

  • ENVS declared major student
  • ENVS declared minor student
  • Other Huxley declared major students
  • Other Huxley declared minor students

2. Class required for major

  • ENVS declared major students
  • Huxley declared major students
  • Other declared major students

3. Class required for minor

  • ENVS declared minor students
  • Huxley declared minor students
  • Other declared minor students

4. Class listed as an option to meet a major or minor requirement

  • ENVS declared major or minor students
  • Huxley declared major or minor students
  • Other declared students


5. Other interested students

  • ENVS pre-majors who meet pre-req requirements
  • Other students who meet pre-req requirements


1. Some ENVS courses, especially GIS courses, may be more narrowly restricted to specific majors/minors/certificate degrees within the first two weeks of registration. These courses will be opened to other students after the first two weeks. A note in Classfinder will be visible when this approach is being used for a specific course.

2. Students who do not meet the major restrictions or pre- requisite requirements may seek instructor permission at any time, but for courses that are popular or essential for specific Environmental Studies majors, instructors may only give override after the first two weeks of registration or ask students to register during Phase II.


Capstone Courses

Special consideration is given for capstone courses:

  • ENVS 410 – Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture
  • ENVS 417 – Science, Management Outreach Contaminated Sites
  • ENVS 429 – Pyrogeography
  • ENVS 430 – Borderlands
  • ENVS 466 – Greening Business Applications
  • ENVS 474 – Planning for Sustainable Communities
  • ENVS 491 – Environmental Communities
  • ENVS 493 – Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ENVS 496 – Environmental Stewardship
  • ENVS 454 – Science, Management Outreach of Contaminated Sites
  • ESCI 470 – Ecological Restoration
  • ESCI 490 – Environmental Risk Assessment
  • ESCI 491 – Oceanography of Puget Sound
  • ESCI 493 – Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ESCI 494 – Marine Conservation