Undergraduate Student Forms

Salmon Mural
Major Declaration Form DESCRIPTION
Major Declaration Form Use this form to declare a pre-major or major (Major declaration requires an application in the fall, winter or spring)
Minor Declaration Form Use this form to declare a minor
Override Request Form Use this form to request an override
ESCI Major Application Form This form is for ESCI applicants
ENVS Major Application Form All Huxley Majors require a major application taken in the fall winter or spring.  This form is for the majors in the Environmental Studies Department
UEPP Majors UEPP applicants must submit a portfolio.  Planning Major applications are only taken in the spring by April 18.
Sustainable Design Minor Application Form Sustainable design minor applications are taken in the fall and spring on the third Friday of the quarter. 
DRR Minor Application Disaster Risk Reduction applications are taken throughout the year
Internship Learning Agreement An internship agreement must be filled out and signed by the student, faculty advisor and on-site supervisor.  
Senior Project Contract  The student and the project faculty advisor must sign the senior project contract.
Senior Thesis Cover Page This is the senior thesis cover page.