Internship Report Instructions

Huxley College of the Environment now requires that all Internship Reports be submitted in a digital (.pdf) format. Completed reports are available on the Huxley Internship Report server (accessible to Western students, faculty and staff only). Students are required to create a digital signature page to be included in the .pdf file, as outlined below.

Internship credits are assigned a 498b course number for registration, which require an override code from the Huxley College Internship Coordinator. The Internship Report should be similar to a Thesis in style and format, however it can be less formal.

Student/Faculty Steps for Internship Reports

  1. Student reviews Huxley College Internship Contract (with Faculty advisor)
  2. Student completes their internship (per their Internship Contract)
  3. Student completes written Internship Report (with Faculty advising)
  4. Student fills out and prints Cover/Disclaimer/Signature Page or Cover/Disclaimer/Signature Page  (Word Version)
  5. The TITLE of the report should include the name of the Agency with whom the Internship was conducted, if applicable
  6. Internships DATES refers to the dates when the Internship was completed (not when the report is submitted or credit is received). For work spanning multiple quarters/years, include the full range of dates)
  7. Student signs Cover/Disclaimer/Signature Page
  8. Faculty signs Cover/Disclaimer/Signature Page
  9. Student scans Cover/Disclaimer/Signature Page (w/student and faculty signatures)
  10. Student adds scanned Cover/Disclaimer/Signature page (as a graphic) to their report
  11. Cover/Disclaimer/Signature should be the first page of their Internship Report
  12. Student saves the entire document as a .pdf file
  13. Naming convention: Year_Student’sLastName_Agency/location_Topic (e.g. 2009_Einstein_DOE_UnifiedTheory or 2010_Thoreau_WaldonPond_SimpleLiving)
  14. Student delivers digital .pdf file (with scanned signature page) to instructor
  15. Instructor reads/approves/accepts final Internship Report
  16. Instructor transfers .pdf files to Huxley College folder on the P:/ drive:
  17. Huxley Staff transfers file to Huxley’s Internship Report web server (requires a WWU Login)