GPS Workshop Files

General Information about GPS:

  1. What_is_GPS  (printable version)
  2. GPS Intro Slideshow Presentation from GPS workshop

Files & Documents for Huxley's GPS Workshop using the Garmin GPS Map 60: 

  1. GPSmap60 User Instructions
    1. GPSmap60 User Notes (Basic Operations)
    2. GPSmap60 User Notes (1 page version)
    3. GPSmap60 Misc Specifications and Notes
  2. GPSmap60 Download & File Transfer using DNR-GPS*
    1. Using ArcGIS Online
    2. Using ArcGIS Pro
    3. Using Google (Earth or Maps)


See also Ephemeris Data notes

See Garmin website for owner's manuals, etc. (also stored here)

The DNR GPS software program can be downloaded (free) from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.