SAL Links

GIS Links

Assorted GIS-related links, including dictionaries, lists of acronyms, and other GIS and ArcGIS resources.

GIS Jobs/Web Postings

Online job resources for GIS specialists, including internships, local and regional listings.

GPS Links

GPS equipment, software, workshops, ephemeris data and data sources.

Remote Sensing Links

Remote Sensing information, software, tutorials, and data.

ESRI & Other Software

ESRI makes ArcGIS Desktop (including ArcMap, ArcCatalog and ArcToolbox), ArcGIS Server, and related programs, which are the main GIS software used on WWU campus.

Web Magazines/Portals

A variety of GIS-related online magazines, newsletters, and other web portals.

Northwest Wa GIS User Group (NWWaGIS)

The Northwest Washington GIS User Group meets quarterly.

Huxley College Weather Data

WWU Campus Map

(a Spatial Institute Project)