WWU GIS Classes

Huxley GIS & RS Courses

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Geology Department GIS & RS Courses

  • GEOL. The switch to a single Department listing for courses required that all course numbers to been changed.


Priority Registration, Non-Huxley Majors & Wait Lists

Registration for many of the Huxley GIS courses is restricted to Huxley majors only during the first phase of registration. Some upper-level GIS courses are restricted to students who have been accepted into the GIS Certificate program during the first phase of registration. Following the initial phase of registration the restrictions are removed opening the class and the class wait-lists to all WWU students.


Students considering the GIS Minor or the GIS Certificate should note that many of the classes are only offered once or twice a year. Given that almost all of these classes are also sequential, completing the minor or certificate requires at least two years. Spreading these courses over three years is recommended if at all possible (e.g., taking ENVS. Likewise, taking as many as possible during the Junior year is also recommended (e.g., completing ALL of the 300 level courses and ESCI. Be aware that all of the 400 level courses are work intensive (so taking 5 of them your Senior year will leave very little time for any other pursuits).

Off-Campus GIS Trainings and Events

See also non-WWU GIS Trainings and Events in the area