ENVS-321: Computer Cartography

Computer Cartography

The final lab of ENVS. Students are free to chose the location and topic of their maps as well as the cartographic style (or styles). For the most part, these maps were made entirely with ArcGIS (a very few have been polished with Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop).

(Maps are listed in alphabetical order by cartographer's last name.)


Aidan Casner (2020):

Aidan Casner Map 1   Aidan Casner Map 2   Aiden Casner Map 3

Alexis Cromer (2020):

Cromer Map 5-A: Clallam CountyAlexis Cromer Map 1   Cromer Map 5-B: Clallam County RecreationAlexis Cromer Map 2   Cromer Map 5-C: Clallam County TsunamiAlexis Cromer Map 3

Shelby Cooper (2009): 

Shelby Cooper Map 1Shelby Cooper Map 2

Ian Faulds (2012): 

Ian Faulds Map 1   Ian Faulds Map 2

Tyler Faulstich 2007:

Tyler Faulstich Map 1   Tyler Faulstich Map 2

Ben Fox (2009):

Ben Fox Map 1   Ben Fox Map 2

Jarred Gibbs (2020):

Jarred Gibbs Map 1   Jarred Gibbs Map 2   Gibbs Map 5-C Mt Rainier Winter Mt GoatJarred Gibbs Map 3

Katelyn Graber (2020):

Graber Map 5-A San JuansKatelyn Graber Map 1   Graber Map 5-B San Juans Ferry RoutesKatelyn Graber Map 2   Graber Map 5-C San Juans TourismKatelyn Graber Map 3

Nickolas Haldeman (2007):

Nickolas Haldeman Map 1   Nickolas Haldeman Map 2

Eric Jensen (2011):

Eric Jensen Map 1 Eric Jensen Map 2

Matthew Jernigan (2020):

Jernigan Map 5-A PCTMatthew Jernigan Map 1   Jernigan Map 5-B PCT WA HandMatthew Jernigan Map 2   Jernigan Map 5-C PCT WAMatthew Jernigan Map 3

Ariahna Jones (2007):

Ariahna Jones Map 1Ariahna Jones Map 2

Nellie Joselyn (2020):

Nellie Joselyn Map 1   Nellie Joselyn Map 2   Nellie Joselyn Map 3

Kelliann Kelly (2010):

Kelliann Kelly Map 1   Kelliann Kelly Map 2

Kovacevich (2011):

Kovacevich Map 1   Kovacevich Map 2

Genevieve Layman (2007):

Genevieve Layman Map 1  Genevieve Layman Map 2

Jennifer McNew (2012):

Jennifer McNew Map 1   Jennifer McNew Map 2

Adam Norbjerg (2007):

Adam Norbjerg Map 1   Adam Norbjerg Map 2

Erin Smart (2007):

Erin Smart Map 1Erin Smart Map 2

Clover van Steenberghe (2007):

Clover van Steenberghe Map 1   Clover van Steenberghe Map 2

Nick Weatherly (2007):

Nick Weatherly Map 1

Paul Whelan (2011):

Paul Whelan Map 1

Taylor Williams (2007):

Taylor Williams Map 1an>   Taylor Williams Map 2

Bentley Wilson (2020):

Wilson Map 5-A CoffeeBentley Wilson Map 1   Wilson Map 5-B Coffee ArabicaBentley Wilson Map 2   Wilson Map 5-C Coffee RobustaBentley Wilson Map 3



Plus a few more single maps (without the second map in their series)...

Ella Liddicoat (2019): Ella Liddicoat map 5a

C.E. Grindell (2008): C.E. Grindell Map 1

Asta Sestrap (2010): Asta Sestrap Map 1

Abby Vincent (2008): Abby Vincent Map 1

Bergen Vocke (2012): Bergen Vocke Map 1



Plus a few maps from Lab 3 or 4...

Ella Liddicoat (2019): Ella Liddicoat Lab 3/4 Map

Tia Savedo (2009): Tia Savedo Lab 3/4 Map

Nick Whiting (2008): Nick Whiting Lab 3/4 Map


C.E. Grindell (2008): C.E. Grindell Lab 3/4 Map