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The Youth Climate Justice Movement: Imagining the Transition

Sustainabiliteens (Vancouver, BC)

"We are in a climate crisis. Youth around the world are striking from school and taking to the streets to demand action from our politicians. Over the past year, Vancouver student organizers have gained valuable knowledge and skills, and been integral to the formation of a national movement which mobilized 1 million Canadians last September. But what are they fighting for?

Climate justice advocacy is not only an opportunity to mitigate environmental collapse. Instead, it offers us the chance to imagine comprehensive solutions to fundamental issues such as housing inequity, unemployment, and gender-based discrimination—creating a more joyful world in the process. By highlighting some of the challenges they’ve overcome and outlining their vision for the future, Sustainabiliteens organizers empower others with the hope and tools to become the catalyst for this equitable transition."


For Winter Quarter 2020 Huxley College is collaborating with the Salish Sea Institute for the Huxley Speaker Series, with a focus on the Salish Sea.


Sustainabiliteens is a collective of student organizers who form the basis for the youth climate justice movement in Metro Vancouver. Comprised of a core team, school leads, and several coalitions, they mobilized 175,000 Vancouverites in September 2019 and continue to empower and equip one another with the means to create change in their communities. 

Rebecca Hamilton is a grade 12 student committed to helping create a more just, joyful, and safe future. She has been organizing with Sustainabiliteens and Climate Strike Canada since December 2018 and was previously involved in a variety of other local climate justice organizations. She also enjoys reading, biking, and sitting near the ocean.

Sam Lin is a Grade 12 student dedicated to social justice advocacy, with her overarching goal to impact the world around her positively. She has taken action by organizing climate strikes and conferences, being involved with local youth councils, and loves bike riding, hiking, and camping.

Anna Brookes is a first-year UBC student from Washington DC, where her climate justice organizing included climate strikes and Climate Summit USA. 

Naia Lee is a twelfth grade International Baccalaureate student passionate about building justice-based and intersectional movements. She has organized with Sustainabiliteens Vancouver and Climate Strike Canada since March 2019, and has also been involved in gender equity and affordable housing advocacy through her school. 

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The Huxley Environmental Speaker Series is hosted by Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University.

The Series is free and open to the public.

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Presentations are held each Thursday at 4:30pm On-campus and ONLINE.


Due to the pandemic, the in-person presentations are not open to the public. However, the talks will be live-streamed ONLINE for the off-campus audience.