Undergraduate Programs

Huxley College of the Environment offers several undergraduate degree options.

Environmental Sciences Degree Options

Do you love the sciences and scientific inquiry? Do you enjoy working outdoors? Or perhaps you are interested in trying to solve environmental problems caused by human activities. If so, an Environmental Science degree from Western might be right for you.

ESCI major

The Department of Environmental Sciences offers a variety of degree and emphasis options:

Undergraduate Major, B.S.

Undergraduate Minor

Graduate Programs, M.S.

Environmental Studies Degree Options

Are you a self-professed policy wonk? Does exploring new geographic information systems (GIS) applications set your heart aflutter? Or perhaps you're planning a career in outdoor education, environmental policy, or urban planning and sustainability. If so, a degree from Huxley College's Department of Environmental Studies might be the right path for you.

The Department of Environmental Studies offers a variety of majors, minors, and graduate degrees:

Undergraduate Major, B.A.

Combined Majors, B.A. & B.A.E.

Undergraduate Minor


Graduate Programs, M.Ed. & M.A.

Combined Majors

In conjunction with the College of Business and Economics and Woodring College of Education, Huxley College offers several combined majors:

Student Faculty Design Major

Have an idea for a course of study not currently represented in one of our degree/emphasis pairings? Huxley is one of two colleges at Western Washington University to offer a student faculty design major. Students must still complete the preparatory courses for either the bachelor of science or arts degree.

Please contact Kathryn Patrick, the Huxley College admissions advisor, at (360)650-2817 to make an appointment to discuss the student faculty design BA or BS.


Huxley College's two academic departments offer a variety of minors. Huxley maintains a list of credit requirements and core courses for each minor, as does the University Catalog. In addition, Huxley College advisors are available to provide additional information regarding minor requirements and admission to department courses.

Ashley W., Huxley student

Environmental Studies Minors

Environmental Sciences Minors

Combined/Interdisciplinary Minors

Still have questions? Get in touch with one of the Huxley College student advisors.

For more information on degrees, admission policies and procedures, application, and course descriptions, go to the WWU general catalog section for Huxley College, or contact the Huxley College academic advising team.