Reconstructing Past Climate Using Tree-Ring Data from Ancient Bristlecone Pine

(Archived video of this webinar presentation.)

The annual growth rings from ancient Bristlecone Pine contain valuable information about climate variability extending back thousands of years. These proxies for variation in temperature and precipitation allow us to reconstruct past climates in a way that helps us understand the dynamics of the climate system and puts modern climate change into a long-term context. 

Creating a Carbon Conservation Trust Movement

Carbon Market graphic from Land Trust Alliance, 2020

Archived video of this presentation.

Research and Learning Across the Borders in the Salish Sea

What are the social, economic, and environmental impacts of our region’s borders? How is the future of the Salish Sea shaped by our past and current relationships and policies? Why is it important to learn about and from where we are?

For Winter Quarter, 2019, the Huxley Speaker Series and the Salish Sea Institute will be present a series of talks focused on the Salish Sea. This will be the first talk in the series.

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